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Concerns about locked topic
I know the topic is locked and I respect the right to lock this or delete it completely but can we please have some serious discussion and I would like to raise this point.

?Sniper? (un-named, but we believe this to be Katie Tucker)

I agree with both sides of the arguments here and being a project manager myself i have worked both sides of the table.

Not wanting to get into a heated argument, i would point out one face that disturbs me greatly.

Mr Johnson, for all your valid comlaints about the vitriolic wingeing on this site that has never been brought to your attention, I am concerned by your above quotation that states "we believe to be. "

Whether or not sniper is who you think she is, i think it only polite to make sure that she IS who you says she is before stating facts about her. In the event that sniper is NOT who you think she is, where does that leave you? Open to libel yourself?

Just my thoughts on the issue, and i fully respect troll's right and David's right to edit my input.

I've always taken my role as pm seriously and realise that despite the constant figures in your head, people are not only figures and profit margins and sick leave.

I follow Dr. Pete and say lets get back to talking bout the units we DO want to work for.
I also have concerns about locked topics. Sorry if we are all getting cross-threaded but 1man said on locked thread...

"I hold no brief for PCA, but in their defence I doubt that they set the percentage sample size. That would have been something set in the specification against which they tendered.

If they unilaterally increased the sample size to be sure of getting all the burials, they would not get paid and would shortly be out of business (meaning no post-ex or publication). Such an increase could only be funded by the use of contingency money and would require strong intervention by the curator."

OK, they didn't set that % but what makes it alright for a curator to do so?!? If this were my project I'd be looking to the contingency, renegotiating the contract or asking for EH assistance (unexpected discoveries etc). I WANT strong intervention by the curators, and consultants too if they are aboard. I would also hope that with 'additional' help of students and volunteers that a greater sample would be investigated.

That said, well done to PCA for getting the site published. At least it's on the SMR and in public arena so that the next site can be adequately dealt with (we hope).
I will repeat what I said on the locked thread. David is away and it is best if no more posts on PCA are made - so why are you posting.

David has locked the original topic - so can we respect his wishes not carrying on the discussion under a another name.


You must know very well that the themes discussed on this site recur frequently and often cross over from thread to thread. I am respecting David's wishes not to be defamatory. However, I have a natural dislike when threads are locked (I spoke against such some months ago with the issue of the term 'pikey'). Re the locked thread - I do agree that it was getting a bit out of hand and personal. I think that David's wishes and your sage advice would have been heeded. No need to grab the football and say I'm not playing.

I was very glad that Simon responded. That was great. He made some very good points and rightly sent a shot across the bows. However, I didn't much like his naming people and agree with Mtgorry147 above. I also didn't like his swipes in the final paragraph - it diluted the good points and probably p*ssed off many of the contributors here that have proudly stated their ambition to remain at the coal face.

So, why am I posting? The model site that was quoted was successful in many ways, especially coming to publication, but having a cursory read of said report I found it highly ironic that it brought up some of our recurrent themes: the balance of professional, volunteer and student archaeologists, issues of sample size and the treatment of human remains. No dig at PCA, just observation and comment.

back on my head Smile

You may well suspect that you know the identity of posters on the board, however, as they have chosen anonymity for whatever reason I feel that it is inappropriate for you to unilaterally decide to "out" them.

Quote:quote:Originally posted by Sith


You may well suspect that you know the identity of posters on the board, however, as they have chosen anonymity for whatever reason I feel that it is inappropriate for you to unilaterally decide to "out" them.


err? he/she didn't! Simon Johnson did. What annoyed me was the between-the-lines message of 'we know who you are'.

Simon, watch it, I know your Dad Wink
I wasn't outing them Sith.

I was merely raising the point that you have echoed, that we dont know for sure who they are. Smile
Hang on chaps you can't have it both ways.

You can't cry loudly for months about 'naming and shaming' and then throw your hands up in the air when your own anonymity is threatened as a result of defamatory postings.

A closer look will reveal that those named are studiously NOT moaning about protecting their anonymity.
Apologies for ranting at the wrong person.


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