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Slightly off-topic: young palaeontologists
Hello All,
a mate of mine has a ten-year-old niece in Barnsley who is fascinated by fossils. He's asked me whether I have any encouragement I can give her. Does anyone know of a palaeontological version of the Young Archaeologists Club I can suggest? Barnsley is a fine place, I'm sure, but not blessed with natural history museums as far as I know.


Not off hand, but have you enquired of the British Geological Survey? They do a fair bit of outreach.
I would suggest joining a rock group. Its the in-thing with the kids!
Great to hear. Check with your local museum - as generally even the smaller museums have collections of fossils and regularly host 'come and play' sessions aimed at a younger audience.
I think that there are some dinosaur footprints in East Yorkshire which are visible. I had several holidays when I was a kid at Lyme Regis and Charmouth. Bit far from Barnsley, mind. Though perhaps the Jurassic Coast will be coming to her!-521.html

thats who you need Smile

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

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