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scaum H&S manual
Can anybody tell me what the most up to date scaum H&S manual is? There is the 1997 version, but I heard rumours that it had been updated.
You already know too much.... its top secret
Hmmmm! three men can keep a secret, if two of them are dead. or so i'm told.

This recent piece on Britarch sort of answered my question. 2002. But whose seen it?

Mr Hosty, this would be an ideal resource to feature on the BAJR site, non?
Would love to... but it is copyrighted... and costs moola.....

You could however look at the BAJR safety guide... in the REsources... Books and Guides section. (soon to be revamped)

or I could try a weedle a deal to get a discount for BAJR users.

Commendable section on your site (but took some finding!). Not sure about the stepping in advice though - 'legally' there are no stated maximum trench depths in any HSE legislation. That said, I think that there is a requirement to fence off any drops of 2m+.

I think that it's a shame that the SCAUM manual isn't more widely available. It's a good resource. Probably oft quoted by project managers, but I wonder how many use it rather than paying lip service. If it was in the hands of the diggers things might change. "Look what it says about welfare facilities - we don't get that!"

Mr Hosty, with your excellent diplomacy skills, I'm sure that you could negotiate a deal. Wink Might be good publicity for SCAUM (are they still going?).

talking to them as i type.....

secret organisation.....??

WIll have a look at the H&S manual... I thought I had edited out the 1.2m safe depth. You are right about the new legislation... it all depends on the the type of soil etc... etc.

Will try and negotiate a deal. contacting Mike tonight.

ps.... the well hidden document section will get a revamp and to be added to a well stocked library

Mr Knees-Greetings sire! Excellent point, if the boys and girls in the trenches knew exactly what their rights and entitlements were, things would indeed change for the better. It strikes me as a bit unfortunate that we have to pay someone (SCAUM) for a copy of said document. I cheated and joined the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and also have a very good friend in the HSE. Bit bizarre that those who are more likely to be at risk in archaeology are the ones without the SCAUM document. Wonder why copies seem to stay on desks and not in the site hut.........
Quote:quote:Originally posted by troll

Mr Knees-Greetings sire! Excellent point, if the boys and girls in the trenches knew exactly what their rights and entitlements were, things would indeed change for the better.

At the recent Digger's Forum meeting in Cambridge we discussed this very point. I suggested that perhaps the Digger's Forum could produce a small card with '10 FAQ about archaeological H&S', for the benefit of Diggers on site. This would list frequently encountered H&S problems and suggest solutions as well as sources of information. I hope that the Diggers Forum takes the idea up.

I personally feel that we all need to be more pro-active when it comes to H&S. Diggers should be turning up on site and saying 'Show me the risk assessment' rather than relying on a thin promise that one exists somewhere on the desk, in an office other than the place where the action is happening in the charge of a 'time server' who is otherwise unconnected with the project. Likewise, the bogs, washing facilities and huts should get to site [u] before</u> the staff and not several days or weeks later. Likewise PPE safety equipment should be provided for all staff and not left to the whim or will of the local Millets and the limited personal finances of hard-up Diggers.

A parallel discussion to this one running on Britarch at the moment has suggested that archaeologists are intimidated and discriminated against for raising H&S issues. Isn't that a terrible thing and shouldn't anyone guilty of such behaviour be immediately 'outed' as the worst kind of bastard and someone that archaeology could well do without.

Mr Wooldridge-I love you.....Big Grin

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