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Below is a message posted on Britarch from the secreatry of the standing conference of archaeological unit managers.

Could all britarcher respect this - in any event at present there is no members only log in.


"Dear All,
After an incident when the log in URL for the members-only section of the SCAUM website was posted onto BAJR by a project officer of a member organisation, I wish to remind our members that SCAUM is an employers' organisation, and the registered person should be the 'unit manager', with the option of a nominated deputy (for log-in purposes or attendance at meetings on behalf of). As best practice, we positively encourage SCAUM members to make the Health and Safety Manual available to their staff, by downloading it onto their own internal systems (instructions for download are next to the link for the manual on the website).

Although we expect 'unit managers' may make their personal log-ins
available to whoever they feel needs them, we do not expect SCAUM
members to publicize the member registration URL to all of their staff, and if non-named SCAUM members are found to be registering to use the website in their own names, their registration will be barred.

Please do use the website, and post comments - it will only work as a dynamic forum for members if you actually participate! I would
particularly welcome members posting links to their own organisations.

Best wishes,

Kate Brayne EMail
Hon Secretary SCAUM
I would just like to add that as the poster on the original SCAUM thread, this was not an act of subversion or such like. A re-read of the SCAUM email that accompanied the URL to members does refer to a members only section, but in my excitement to bradcast a significant resource for archaeologists it didn't register with me. I signed up (under my true name) with no warnings on restrictions and saw a great resource. I merely wanted others to have access to it.

Dr Pete - I concur with your recent Britarch message re this topic. The manual should be made available online. I wonder how many unit managers have put it out on their 'internal systems'? Also, I would like to add that it it is not only the 2007 manual but the monthly Hascom updates. These are also an incredibly useful, perhaps more so - there are regular pieces on real case studies in the construction industry, of which we are part. These are real eye-openers and would have more impact on staff, I think, than just having the manual available. Unit managers are busy folk and I can imagine the majority might forget to post these updates. My manager did!!

SCAUM should be congratulated on their site but it seems a bit cranky! I can still log on as a registered user. Perhaps they might like to consider a wider access and just hide any bits that are of concern for members only.
(mmm... what they got to hide? :face-huhSmile
I have to say I cant find the members log part except by the direct url - i will get one of my staff to look at this in the next few days.

Personally I think that BAJR is a better forum for discussion by managers - we all ready do except whan we are discussing out stance on pay demands.

Quote:quote:Originally posted by drpeterwardle Personally I think that BAJR is a better forum for discussion by managers - we all ready do except whan we are discussing out stance on pay demands.

I am guessing the phrase 'pay demands' refers to what many archaeologists would suggest is their legitimate claim to be paid a decent wage in exchange for their labours.}Smile

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