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Comment on new site
Hi David, like the new site - lots of new features and much more info to trawl through. Anything else in the pipeline?
Cheers everyone... my head is expanding faster than a commercial units bank balance (just kidding!!)

I will look into getting the New icon back... As you will see the little pic of the UK is back by popular request.

Additional features that will be appearing bit by bit over the next 2 months are;
Complete Council Listings
Complete Local History Centre Listings for the UK
New How to series online training and downloads about everything from Building Recording (a speciality of mine) to Landscape Survey and Field Walking (a speciality of mine) ... perhaps even one about ceating useful site databases (a headache of mine)
There will alos be more about education and educational resources

Once I have that done.. I hope to have a bit of fun!! creating both educational and silly Flash Games... but until then I will be keeping an eye out for little gems for your delectation.

One big project is to get all the Diggers transfered to the new format - blimey there are 34 of them!!! ... just shows how good it is!

Any suggestions for the future ??


New site is top banana, mate. Keep up the good work.


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