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Comment on new site
Just thought I'd say I like the new site and the fact that you can do your CV yourself. The only think I would say is that I preferred being able to see the maps beside the jobs, it made it easier to skim down the list and pick out the right area before looking at the jobs!

I am in fact missing them myself... and so am working on a way to incorporate them when I verify a job as BAJR suitable..

I will also be doing something similar to Contractors and Units, by adding the ability to see which part of teh UK they will work in, and what they can do.

All helpful comments very gratefully recieved and appreciated...

BAJR has turned into a bit of a labour of love (or is that a beast!!)

David -
I just wanted to say that the site is looking the business. I like the way you have included a lot of resources that the original didn't have - good move. I would like to see an RSS feed so that other sites could include the latest BAJR jobs.
You really have done a good job in transforming BAJR. [8D]

Steve White
Cheers there Steve ...

The RSS Feed is on my list ... I think you are right about the new way that RSS and the Blog type sites are a new way forward in this medium ... and if you think the new site has new stuff... just wait.... you ain't seen nothin yet.

Sites like BAJR, Online Archaeology etc are a fresh face to archaeology in the UK

BAJRBig Grin
Hello BAJR

Well I've found my way here.. where are the rest of the regulars?

Sites looking good by the way, havent really ahd a chance too look through it yet but i will.

Have left a goodbye message on the last board ... want some regulars to move arse and get over here... its what keeps here going... good to see you here now!

Nice shiny new site - and the forum is (IMHO) an great improvement on the old one. CV section is better too - I may even get round to putting mine on there...Big Grin
Hi there

Think the new site is very good.
Two comments on the jobs page though:
1.Would love to see the 'new' icon back again.
2.Personally I find the American style dates for application deadlines annoying.
Just my two cents.


so I'm glad to see that no 2. is already fixed Wink


Well done - this could become my default start up page.

Having looked at yourlist of useful software this could be an expensive week

Best wishes


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