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Demolition of important sites.
Here at West Lothian Archaeology we feel that the RCAHMS is like a light in the darkness and has been supportive of our efforts since we were founded. We have already posted some images of the brickworks on Canmore and we will probably be posting more. Initiatives like Scotland's Rural Past are wonderful.

Historic Scotland have been supportive too (especially Richard Heawood) and we particularly enjoy working with the HS Rangers on Cairnpapple.

A West Lothian pre-WoSAS site which is of concern to us is
If anyone looked at this site before it was built over we would like to know. The Council does not appear to have records. Another confirmed Roman fortlet site in West Lothian would be nice.

Steven Raeside of SIPT came in to salvage some of the lighter equipment at Etna Brickworks and recovered most of the older paperwork, all very much at the last minute and nothing to do with the council.

With reference to 1964 - I had a metal detector and was also doing current measurements through soil around then (more from the standpoint of communications than archaeological geophysics) - maybe I should be scheduled...or was that certified!?...and my wife Rosie was digging at Kent's Moat.
We were both still at school and had yet to meet.

When we discovered that the brickworks was being demolished we contacted numerous organisations and had the above aerial photo published in our local newspaper.

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Demolition of important sites. - by John Wells - 16th February 2012, 02:34 AM

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