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TAF explains why archaeologists are important in councils
The TAF take on why local authority archaeology is important.

This is an other string to the campaign, but one targeted at the goverment.

trouble is... with comments such as

Quote:....this is just one element of many savings in the Council's three year money plan.

Our assessment is that maintaining the City's Historic Environment Record and providing advice in the development process will be possible with one qualified archaeologist with some time still available to support project work, including some community engagement.

It is proposed that this archaeologist post together with the Principal Conservation Officer and the Conservation Projects Officer will be located in the Development Control Service to make further savings through revised management arrangements.

from councils. This message is not working.

The reasons they are important?... here we go

  • Implementing national planning guidance to sustain and enhance the significance and setting of local heritage assets
  • Strategic and local historic environment policies in Local Development Frameworks and Neighbourhood Development Plans
  • The adequacy of Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements
  • Pre-application consultation on development proposals
  • Screening planning applications and Neighbourhood Development Orders to assess their impact on the significance and setting of heritage assets and local distinctiveness
  • Measures necessary to conserve or record heritage assets affected by planning applications and Neighbourhood Development Orders
  • Appeals and Public Inquiries
  • Maintenance, transfer or disposal of assets of community value
  • Potential devolution of English Heritage powers or resources to local partners and communities
  • Identifying heritage-led regeneration opportunities
  • Promoting place-shaping in new and existing communities
  • Promoting localism through community engagement and volunteering opportunities
  • Maximising grant aid through English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Community Infrastructure Levy and Environmental Stewardship

Tick them off as they go. ??

Public support is what is needed, and it is needed now.

. At least the IfA and others in TAF are doing something. and can't be accused of sitting around doing nothiing. I would suggest however, that news like this is not just confined to their own websites. but perhaps passed around. including here..
I could not help but note that Scotlands LA archaeologists must be ok, as there is no mention of scotland in this document - but quite abit about English Heritage and English systems. phew... we must be ok then :face-thinks:

To be absolutely honest, and there is no point in beating about the bush. the list has not one thing in it that makes me throw my hands up in the air and shout... NO ye shall not remove archaeology from this council. I would hope that some on this forum, would have other ideas.
I must live in the most remote place on earth because I have never heard of TAF. How long has this web site been up? Theres some pretty grotty civil service propergander on it.

whats place-shaping, localism

sorry archaeologists dont need curators
Reason: your past is my past
Unitof1 Wrote:I must live in the most remote place on earth because
archaeologists dont need curators

and i was beginning to think you didn't live on earth unit
He lives in Lincolnshire... enough said
Even the most diligent and conscientious councillor or MP is going to have been turned off of the idea of curatorial archaeologists by the end of that! I can see how they are trying to use a particular style to appeal to a particular type of beaurocrat, but there isn't one thing in there that will make any beaurocrat of any kind sit up and think that's a good reason to halt further reorganisation of the curatorial system. Another example of archaeologists selling ourselves expertly!

Back to the popular front, methinks!
Reading this feels like it's going to backfire. :face-stir:
"Use Your Archeological Imagination..."

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