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Black Dog - my life is in ruins
Ho Hum another Monday crashes into view with nil respite. The sun shines and the birds sing, yet I can find no joy in it at all. Gardening was my pleasure outside of my profession, now I can not bare to see the empty ground for I have no urge to do anything about it. I have plant books piling up yet I can barely pick them up to read them, much less even order anything. I have zero money having now been out of work for over 182 days so the DWP informed me in the post this morning......My life is slowly falling apart and there is nothing I can do about it. All the 'stuff' I have gathered together to prove I have 'arrived' counts for nought. It will soon be in the hands of the debt collectors so why care?

All these thoughts have run their course through my head, yet I WILL NOT BE BEATEN by them. I have my life yet to live, I know not what or where but it will be lived. I have dreams of a future and I intend to keep them alive. One day soon I will make them real, I just need a job.......

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Black Dog - my life is in ruins - by destroyingangel - 4th March 2011, 12:31 PM

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