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Black Dog - my life is in ruins - destroyingangel - 4th March 2011

With all the doom and gloom around, I wonder if anyone has done a (very) recent survey of the number of archaeologists who are suffering some form of depression at the moment? I know this is a very emotive topic, one that maybe shouldn't be talked about here... but at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel for many (me included). If exhibiting all the symtoms of a minor or even major depressive disorder that is (primarily) associated with job-loss and low self-esteem, just how are you supposed to allievate it, by-pass it or just make it plain better?

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - Jack - 4th March 2011

I personally don't know much about depression...........but I did have a friend at university that suffered from it after he was dumped by his fiance.

He was prescribed medication, and got better after a while. But I think this was largely due to support from his group of friends who were around most of the time.

The only help I can offer is that things seem to be picking up (work wise) and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, its just you can't always see it coz the tunnel bends.

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - mpoole - 4th March 2011

We went through a soul-destroying three years when Mike was signed-off from teaching due to health problems after 30 years of service. Two years of fighting the system and living on nothing, there were times when it seemed as if nothing would ever be right again. To be honest, the only way we managed was with friends, support from parts of the NHS and sheer bloody-mindedness. We thought we'd lose everything, there was no one in the system who wanted to help and we felt at time that there was no reason to keep getting up, but we did.

I can't say it's easy but the truth is that there are two choices. Get help and help yourself through your friends/family/strangers like us, or give up and let it wash over you. The hardest part is the waking up every day and not giving up, but if you do, the results can often be surprising.


Black Dog - my life is in ruins - moreno - 4th March 2011

Destroyingangel: I cringed when I read your post. It was a reminder of a very long, protracted and stressful period personally and work wise. Depending on the severity, depression can be very destructive. If you feel you may be depressed, see your GP. Sometimes medication is needed (to boost our serotonin levels), or perhaps a few CBT sessions might help, there are alternatives, again speak to you GP. Becoming an ostrich is never a good option, besides how would you draw your sections? Smile

Mpoole: Amen to that (your post).

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - deadlylampshade - 4th March 2011

Clinical depression is an illness like any other for which most people require some sort of medication be it artificial uppers or access to alternative therapies (far less addictive). What ever you do, Destroyingangel, do not ignore it if you think you have been depressed for a long time. Friends can help as the others have said but sometimes it is the very friends you turn too to whom you find it hardest to speak. They may know you too well for you to be open and honest with them.

Talk about how you feel to someone who can sympathise and help you form a plan of action. It can be a struggle to get out of bed if you cannot see a reason to do so - so you have to plan the reasons to do so even if it is to go to the Doctor for the appointment you really don;t want to make.

And try an independent "counsellor" - someone who will listen to you and help to get things in perspective.

There's not a lot of postives in not having a job but getting training and the ability to at least try and acquire new skills should be grapsed if offered.:face-approve:

Sorry - I hope I don;t sound patronising! Been there, got the t-shirt and still resort to the alternative therapy in times of stress...I'll be needing it myself soon I think.Sad

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - deadlylampshade - 4th March 2011

Sent you a PM - did you get it of was it eaten by the bad internet connection fairy? Screen did a bit of a wobble when I sent it...Sad!:0

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - destroyingangel - 5th March 2011


Didn't get your pm deadly... bad computer!

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - destroyingangel - 5th March 2011

I've sent a reply to your email Mpoole... and a reply to one you sent me much earlier deadly... I'm not sure if my email system is working correctly as it says a reply has been sent, doesn't show the actual reply anywhere. Thanks anyway :face-approve:


Black Dog - my life is in ruins - deadlylampshade - 5th March 2011

Well...sent another one and the systems seems to have been happy to play with it...hope it arrives soon:face-approve:Big Grin

Black Dog - my life is in ruins - Boxoffrogs - 5th March 2011


Depression is a deadly thing for it brings out the fear in us all. Fear is nonsense for it makes horror pictures of the unknown. The point I am trying to make is, it is unknown, do not let the mind make it a fearful place but a positive one. Not easy I know. I too have a story to tell (six months unemployed and too old/over qualified) ...

Talking will help, pills can help, NLP can seem to help, CBT might help (the jury is out on the last two). Drink and illegal drugs will NOT help (no matter what your buddies tell you).

the reason for all the expansion Metro MOLA, OA, Cotswold PCA etc etc is that their work loads are shrinking and they are casting ever wider nets out of desperation..

Good luck to them and you all...with the ConDem's in power we are all going to need it!