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Catch 22
it might pay pennies comparable to someone who did an MBA and has gone off to sell some product no one really needs, but I'd rather dig holes for close to nothing than waste behind a desk selling my life away. Maybe it is a matter of naive pride I have, but I cannot stand the thought of a life like that. It isn't about intelligence, I'm sure at least half the people posting on this board could run circles around your average Joe Businessman the difference is we opted to fight for something more fulfilling out of life. You'd be hard pressed to find an archaeologist that isn't satisfied with their career choice. Why else would you travel to the ass end of nowhere for low pay, poor accommodation, spending time away from the people you care about? It isn't because these people are unintelligent. I'd say it is an excellent part of their character to have a little more self-respect. Not everything is about money.

Also, how is a PhD socially irresponsible? If you are lucky enough to get the work, and have what I think a right state of mind, not only should your research contribute to general knowledge in some small or large way, but you should feel a real sense in pride as an educator. I know there are a lot of professors who aren't thrilled on teaching but there are a lot who are fantastic educators. Ultimately the entire field of archaeology is about education and that should always be the motivation regardless of a commercial or an academic career. Thats what I am working for in life anyway, whether it works out, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Even if I don't get there I'll die knowing I gave it my best shot. If you settle for less, you've lost.

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Catch 22 - by BAJR - 4th November 2010, 10:04 AM

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