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Catch Phrases
What are your all time favourite (?) catch phrases used by the supervisor to conjole dejected workers back to the grind....

Purely from the point of view it was my first site it has to be...

'back on your heads'
ditto that Muddy.. but can't quite remember which joke that was the punchline to Smile

I found that opening the cabin/minibus/car door sometimes worked.
Person dies and goes to hell. The devil gives them a tour round saying they have the choice of 3 rooms in which to spend their eternity in torment. In the first room it is blazing hot and the inhabitants are being poked with hot pokers, roasted over fires on spits etc. In the second room (insert equally horrible punishment here). And finally in the third room everyone is sat around eating biscuits and drinking mugs of tea, yet up to their knees in ****. Thinking to themselves that the third room looks the easy option the new inductee quickly opts for it, at which point the demon supervisor says 'Right you lot, tea break over, back on your heads'.

Sorry I forgot the middle bit but feel free to get creative.
Many many years ago... a supervisor who frequently had to do admin type errands first thing in the morning would generally turn up just as we'd stopped for tea, and walk in with the words "Get back to work you lazy b******s". Never did any good, we just used to ignore him... Big Grin

I reject your reality and substitute my own
my all time fave comes from York, where late arrival at work... or late movement in a trench bound direction would incur a penalty. So if you were 2 minutes late in the morning... 3 minutes late going back at lunch then your pay would be docked 5 minutes.!!

no really!

the catchphrase "you've been docked" springs to mind.Big Grin

Another day another WSI?
Well...the only thing a supervisor has said to us was 'back to work folks'..exciting huh! One once said he'd buy us all a drink if we worked really hard...never did tho...
Well, at the risk of being a bit naff, my first dig (in 1979, and several subsequent years) was at Crickley Hill. There, the signal for tea-break, lunch or the end of the day was the cry of

"Square up your tack!"

Which was a bit cryptic to those from other parts of the country.


to let, fully furnished
At the end of tea break and lunch break one of the supervisors stands up, streches his arms out wide, yawns very loudly, and says "well, it's about that time" then wanders out onto site. This happens everyday without fail.
"WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU LOT STILL DOING IN HERE!" is a classic that sticks in the mind from a rather notorious dig I was on in 1994.
'Schnell!!' Oh the irony. He was a very good sup. though.


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