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Evaluating urban sites
Quote:[SIZE=3]“officers employed directly by democratically elected members who have no direct financial involvement in outcomes, have some consistency across different cases and who are subject to a regulated complaint structure?”

bit like those hospital managers that they are getting rid of.

Quote:[SIZE=3]One reason I do it is in some cases so that everybody is quoting on exactly the same basis, sometimes because I have a specific question concerning the archaeological potential and sometimes its based on a specific impact lead threat. Sometimes (gasp, horror) it's because I don't trust the commercial unit based on experiences on similar projects.

I don’t see why everybody should quote on the same basis
The excavators should have the specific questions
The developer should understand the threat
Who asked you to trust them-are there some units you trust- what does that mean

I know that you know what I am talking about because you have read PPS. It seems to say that the developer should come to that table with an archaeological statement.

barefoot digging, its the best

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Evaluating urban sites - by fieldworker - 18th July 2010, 06:40 PM

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