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Places that make you go Whoooooooooooooooooooh
Following on from a Time Team Forum thread... (don't ask)

The question was about places you just think.... whow!

This is a post that was not allowed... but while we are here.... where is the palce that makes you feel Whooooooooooh!

Sad man that I am... here are links to images of all the sites mentioned
Abatty Cwm-Hir
Pentre Ifan, Wales, UK (foto D. Meozzi).
Bodiam Castle
Hardwick Hall
Carrawburgh - Brocolitia
Hampton Court Palace
West Kennet]Ninevah - the skeletons - worked on this Smile
Carn Euny
Carreg Cennen
Nemrut Dag
Fountains Abbey

er... tricky one here...
Sand in Bristol Channel!

this was taken from the enormous and amazing Geograph project, taking photographs of every square km in the UK.... try it !!!

phew... I hope you enjoy looking as much as I did... some of these places have inspired me.... for one.... I am coming to Wales next summer!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
Gota be Boxgrove for me. Ah the summer of 95 and 96!

Close enough for a country job!
Place that makes you go wooo....That would be on the bench outside the Nelson pub in Southwold, pint of Broadside in hand, North sea to ones left, drifting smell of Adnams brewery to the right....
I share one or two of BAJR Host's faves, and I was lucky enough to spend a month surveying earthworks at Bodiam many years ago. I also go 'whooo' when I visit (or just look at pictures of) any of the following:

Also Dun Carloway in Lewis, and Jarlshof, Old Scatness, Clickhimin and a number of other sites in Shetland.

I think the most excited I have ever got about archaeology was when visiting the temples in Malta, because they were completely unknown to me beforehand, and they are truly fantastic.


to let, fully furnished
Pentre Ifan and Castell Henllys - mainly beause they were among the first monuments I visited when I was first becoming interested. First cut is the deepest etc.

But Orkney is my woooshiest place. Amazing place. Stenness, Brodgar, Skara Brae obviously but also numerous chambered tombs and brochs.

I'm off to Perth and Kinross next week. The monument in question is not upstanding, but the scenery is breathtaking!

You don't know what you've got till it's gone.
Orkneys are wonderful, but the Isle of Lewis was just amazing amazing stone circles and the beautiful rugged landscape and some glorious beaches.,

May god go with you in all the dark places you must walk.
The field systems of West Penwith - 4000-ish years old and still in use.

My favourite spot is on the fields I detect on just south of Chichester especially on an Autumn morning.

Looking over the tree tops the spire of Chichester cathedral rises through the mist, with the Trundle sitting on the top of the southdowns..

Theres not much evidence of modern life from this spot.

It is almost a timeless scene and worth being there just for the view.

If a job is worth doing, then its worth doing it tomorrow!

Homer (Simpson)


bit like that?? very peaceful... very nice...

nice one as well m300572

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
just like the BAJR Host, Fountains abbey, i was lucky enough to have spent 8 years working on the building and got to see the places the public never saw, as for Stone's its got to be Castlerigg on the solstice morning as an amazing thing happens with the hills in relation to where the suns rises. :-)

No Sleep Till Natural.

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