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update on LG pay award
Not a lot of progress it seems, taken from LG Employers website:

Local government pay update
Update 5 April 2007
Negotiations between the two Sides of the NJC for Local Government Services continued on Wednesday 3 April in a meeting of the NJC Executive. This followed the NJC meeting on 20 March where the employers had made a 2% offer in response to the trade unions' claim for an increase of 5% or £1,000, whichever is the greater. The trade unions rejected this 2% offer.

There was a frank exchange of views at Wednesday's Executive meeting. Both Sides want to secure a negotiated settlement at the earliest opportunity and will be meeting again soon.

Update 30 May 2007
A meeting of the NJC Executive was held on 21 May.

The Employers were disappointed that it was not possible to reach an agreement but are pleased that discussions are scheduled to continue.

To this end, a further meeting is to be arranged to take place in the near future. As ever, local authorities will be kept informed of any further developments and progress.


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