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Conference Videos
I filmed a few more conferences but instead of creating a whole new thread for each one I am just going to be dropping all future videos into this thread- if no one objects too much.

First up a video from the Community Heritage Conference- very interesting conference, except for the opening and closings, the long talks were given by non-professional archaeologists (workshops and short presentations were professionals). Good stuff-
This one is from the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders conference.

Very weird for me to watch this presentation as I worked as a tech on this site and it was my project manager at the time giving the presentation. Always weird to see someone else present your work.

Shoppers tend to look to the left and move to the left possibly because they are taught to read that way, I think that you would be best putting the taking head on the right so that we can concentrate on the slide and make him much smaller, that is also a critique on just about everything he said and how, not that I bothered after the first few minuets of trying to workout who he thought he is.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Thanks for the feedback Marc. Does it bother you if the speak points to the slide but depending where they very at the conference they might point right but slides are to the left. Basically, I try to line up slides in the direction that speakers will point to currently- does that make a difference for anyone?

Here is another video from CHC on community heritage projects in cemeteries (slides on the left)-

So if anyone likes to garden... I have a video for you:

If you like visualisations that Matt's talk is for you-

For your weekend enjoyment- restoration of a cinema. Financially stable too- nice to see in a heritage project.

Quote:Does it bother you if the speak points to the slide but depending where they very at the conference they might point right but slides are to the left
doug it reads a bit like you are getting some juddering in your editor, try switching from enhanced editor settings to standard in your general options . It does not bother me if the speaker is on the "wrong"side. A picture paints a thousand words. That's about 7.7 minutes Might be a moot point if a slide showing some archaeological tat is worth more or less but I am sure that it is not worth watching for 7.7 and only looking at the slide when the speaker points at it. most of the time they are just pointing at the slide in general mostly to say it is wrong one. Maybe if you supplied a lazer pointer this might make the the speaker be specific in their pointing...
I can see that you that you are having to fight the aspect ration of the slide editor that the speakers use before you put it in the YouTube ratio. What editors are they using? Have you tried trying to maximise the area given to the slide and just trying to put the talking head in the (right) side pillor - presuming that they are presenting square aspect ratio slides.
.....nature was dead and the past does not exist
Its powerpoint which in most cases is a 4:3 ratio but I post edit the ratio and scale the slides to fit 1100 px of hd which is 1920px across. So a little more than half the screen. I could probably give a little more to the images. Will look into that for future videos (but have built up quite a few so far so it will be a little while). It is all a bit of incremental work. The videos take hours and hours to process so playing around with one setting is like a 2-3 hour endeavor. Doable but can eat up a weekend in no time at all. I'll look into making the pp take up more room for future videos.

And for todays viewing pleasure the minute of madness from the SCHC conference. People talking about their projects in under a minute. Nice overview and things going on out there-

And one to watch with your sunday morning tea or coffee


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