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10 best Archaeological Walks in the UK?
I've got a week off from digging next week and fancied going on an archaeological walk. That got me wondering what the best archaeological walks in the UK would be.

A challenge then!!!!!! To come up with the 10 best archaeological walks in the UK.

My meagre and obvious contribution is Hadrian's Wall. After that I'm pretty much stuck.

1. Hadrian's Wall
2. ?
Kilmartin Glen.
Didn't know much about Kilmartin Glen, but just Googled it and it looks great with great archaeology, museum and walks. Definitely on the list.

1. Hadrian's Wall
2. Kilmartin Glen
3. ?

Just need another 8!:face-approve:
Maiden Castle

Offa Dyke path is good too as it crosses some spectacular hillforts. It is over 150 miles long though !
Ah yes! Offa's Dyke...150 miles. That would be a full weekend thenBig Grin

1. Hadrian's wall
2. Kilmartin Glen
3. Maiden Castle
5. Chester
6. Offa's Dyke
Pembrokeshire Coast Path: Newgale to Fishguard about 45 miles - Neo burial chambers, Iron Age promentory forts, early medieval chapel sites, medieval city cathedral, unique med/Tudor farmhouse architecture, 18th century industrial ports. Stunning scenery, dolphin spotting, puffins and vibrant Welsh culture. Could throw in a detour to Precelli and visit the source of the bluestones.
Stone circles in the Lake District - all in superb locations - also worth visiting the Roman fort at the Hardknott Pass to see something really spectacular.

isle of lewis / harris - apart from the obvious calanish, brocks and blackhouses it is still possible to discover new sites, middens and round huts if you walk long untrod paths
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Peak District National Park: Lots of public foot paths and tons of archaeology
Orkney Islands

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