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Silbury Hill Digital Archive
ADS is pleased to announce that the Silbury Hill Digital Archive has been released.

English Heritage has been engaged in work at Silbury since May 2000 when a vertical shaft originally dug in 1776 re-opened up on the summit. After temporary stabilisation, a major investigative programme revealed further local problems associated with lateral tunnels dug at the base of the hill in 1849 and 1968. After much public debate and scrutiny, a scheme for permanent remedial works was agreed and work was duly carried out between 2007 and 2008.

The digital archive for the Silbury Hill Conservation Project contains data created over 12 years of work from a desk-based assessment in 2000 to the remedial works in 2007/2008 as well as a year-long archive preparation project in 2012/2013.

The files available from ADS include:
*A full set of metadata files including those describing the data available from English Heritage Archives;
*A set of documents providing an overview of the entire archive and the archive preparation process;
*Site data-survey data and the site database;
*Post-excavation data: reports and spreadsheets regarding the finds and environmental work, reports and documents and site interpretation data: the site matrix, context index and phase summary

The image-based data has been deposited with English Heritage Archives

I wonder how many other person-made hills are staring us in the face?
well there is this:

A great and important piece of work from EH, especially the difficult nature of the evidence - Good Job !

(the flint report is a hoot):o)

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