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UK faunal assemblages - 1550 - 179 : Facebook Post
Question from a friend.....
"French-Indian war period fort called Fort Shirley. We've been asked to take a look at the faunal material so I've been pulling together everything I can find on colonial period faunal assemblages. On the New World side of the pond I've got pretty good coverage, everything from military forts, to farmsteads, villages, even a Spanish mission or two. But from the Old World I've got a pretty sparse collection. So, if you guys know of anyone working sites from say the 15-1800's that could be used as a baseline for the New World stuff I'd really appreciate it. Since I've got all kinds of assemblages to play with here I can probably come up with a correlate for any context on your side of the pond. Some farmsteads or smaller villages would be my personal interest, but military fortifications, towns, cities, monasteries..... "

So in a nutshell... any references to standard faunal assemblages between say 1550s-1790s from teh UK or Europe. or both Smile
Good ideas... I will buld this all up and let him know the morrow.
There are some good datasets on ADS
Good ideas... I will buld this all up and let him know the morrow.
Good ideas... I will buld this all up and let him know the morrow.

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