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100 archaeologists - BIG Money
100 archaeologists - BIG Money

for ACS in Ireland - they need 100 Supervisors - Operatives ..

double pay + overtime + 600 euro relocation + Free Safepass training

we are looking at a 7 week contract! and you could make thousands!


"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
Sounds like a goldrush in the making...what about the emergency tax for non-ROI residents?
BAJR approved and clearly endorsed eh? so what about sickness, holiday and pension? or accommodation? or subsistence? what are they actually paying?

does a short-term deal in what is clearly going to be a high-pressured mess with no prospect of continuity of employment appeal?

interested in views of the wider populace on this

BAJR approved as in .. the ammount you could make would be in the thousands..

so more than compensates. You are quite right to ask about these other issues... (though the money more than compensates... as is allowed for in IFA regs) I have been approached to find 100 archaeologists for 6 weeks on a job.. Pay exceeds the minima.. and given that it will be no different from Pipeline schemes in hours worked or preasure under .. then it ain't that bad. For six weeks.. hmmm... for that money I could find the time.

as to the non ROI tax .. I will ask about that tommorrow. and while at it... ask about more details.. (the details are ... shall we say less than clear) I had a long phone conversation with ACS. but I will clarify...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
A small reminder VoR.. this is a named company - and that is an allegation. about being a "high-pressured mess" - I am sure you ust meant it would be muddy.

There is a Euro600 relocation fee

as I said I appreciate the concerns VoR, and will clarify the position.

Could set a benchmark Wink) I know a lot of projects that last longer than 6 weeks!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Big Money, Big Risk. My gran always used to say that if it was to good to be true it usually is. I would warn ANYBODY about getting involved in such a project.

I got burned big time in Ireland on such a project. Now Im not suggesting for one minute that ACS are not 100% above board but I bet your working week will be contractor hours and weekend work. I can also say, from bitter experience, that you will almost certainly get stung big time for emergency tax. Can you say you will still be in Ireland long enough for you to get it back and will your employer help. I spent days on the phone trying to sort mine out.

On a health and safty issue is it wise to be doing upwards of 55 hours a week on a construction site? I saw many, many hazards last time I was over there.

Supervisors, be extra aware and be very alert to the old "assitant director" badge usualy dished out because they havent got enough lisenced directors. Asistant directors work under the lisence of a director and are a lot more "disposable" than a lisenced director and a desent scape goat when things go wrong.

Anyway check this link out and see my awful experience of such a project. The way I was treated over there has led to a life long commitment to warn others before they embark on such a journay.

Questions to ask?

Are they going to pay for accomodation?
Are they going to pay subsistance?
Are they going to pay travel to work costs?
How far are you having to travel to work in the morning?
[b]How am I getting to work?
Is there transport layed on?

Are you insured on site?
Is the accomodation available at weekends?
Are you getting sick pay? No.
Do you have to register for a NI Number for tax purposes? (YES YOU NEED A PPS NUMBER OR YOU WILL GET STUNG BY EMERGENCY TAX)Does your P45 count over there?
600 isnt much of a relocation package, is that euro`s or stirling.
Do you get payed weekly or monthly?
Do you get PPE at no extra costs?
Is overtime payed weekly or monthly
Do I get a contract?
Do you get payed in your bank account or cash?
Do I need an Irish Bank Account? Irish Banks charge for everything.
Dont accept a check for such a short job.

ACS should be able to answer all of your questions if they, as I suspect they are, fully informed and above board.

Also break down the pay into an hourly wage and find your exact hourly rate. This also helps for caculating overtime.

Is it time and a half in the week and double on the weekend?

If asked to excavate a site make sure you are working under someones lisence otherwise your breaking the law.[/b]
Be informed, your all proper proffesionals not labourers or students.
Dont get messed about you deserve better. If you do get messed or treated poorly let BAJR know!!

Check out ACS website and the news tab then open pdf and look under the "Thing You Need to Do" section this spells it out for you really.

Good Luck

Close enough for a country job!
I cast no aspersions on the company involved who have clearly been placed in a very difficult situation. 'Mess' is the wrong word, I acknowledge. The nature of the ad suggest that there will be pressure, and many of us have been placed in similar situations, though never needing 100 people at no notice with such a short timespan, which seems extraordinary.

It would be helpful to have more of the context in the public domain so people can understand.

thanks VoR.

I agree and am trying to do jsut that... I am talking in York University right now... have popped out .. got access.. but there ain't enough of me!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
For full advert go to Employment page.

I can't put up the exact pay (but it is easy enough to work out)
of course be aware of what you are getting into first.. read the Digger.. but if you are aware.. and ask the right questions.. thanks Trowelhead for the full lowdown. Hope everyone is happy ... (ish) now. and apologies if I had made any errors.

Experienced Archaeologists for completion of Major Motorway in Ireland

All grades required for 7 week contract starting 12.03.07 and finishing on 30.04.07

Supervisors: more than double pay per 55 hour week
inc. overtime premium. (pay at well over G7 level+)

Assistants: more than double pay per 55 hour week
inc. overtime premium. (pay at G6-7 level)

Operatives: more than double pay per 55 hour week inc. overtime premium.(pay at G6-7 level)

BAJR approved
BAJR note)(this works out at Time and a half for a 40 hour week(inc breaks) and double time for 15 hours overtime so the final total would be more than twice that of a standard payrate)

Safepass training and Euro600 for re-location costs provided.

Holidays are paid on the basis of weeks worked so are not affected by overtime, no sick pay or pension contribution. People will be taxed on their earnings in Ireland, we can help in finding accommodation but it is not provided.

NB Applicants must be ready for immediate start.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
you can claim your emergency tax back if you request a balancing statement (p21) from the Irish Revenue, then if you don't get it back from them there is a reciprocal agreement between Ireland and UK so if you file a tax return and fill in the foreign employment sheet (brown) and send it to the inland revenue you can get a refund from them. In the past UK workers working for ACS could got paid via Sterling cheque as they are also registered as employers in Northern Ireland


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