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Time Team no more
Well this is a surprise or this weekend. though perhaps it was an inevitable event.

Time Team are no more. What can replace it... for it does need replaced... not with a trite funky nu-media archaeology prog. but with something a bit special.
What do you think?

Tim Taylor has responded with his own statement :
BAJR Wrote:Time Team are no more. What can replace it...

There must be archaeology programmes made for TV in countries other than the UK. Perhaps Channel 4 could try out a selection and see if they can discover an internationally based, Phillipe, Filip, Ph?lyp, F?l?p .....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
How sad. Sad

I hope Mr Taylor does manage to get something going, if only to keep encouraging all those community groups (and to give archaeologists in general something entertaining and informative to scoff at, naturally).
It was probably past its time, Mick Aston wasn't wrong about dumbing down, some episodes in the last couple of series have made Pub Dig seem quite intellectual
Time Team did a wonderful job of popularising archaeology and made a significant impact on amateur groups and in raising the profile of archaeology and heritage.
Introducing the audience to geophysical techniques was wonderful, encouraging groups to get their own resistance meters through the CBA or more recently from independently produced ones (ours was only ?540 a couple of years ago).
Unfortunately, TT seemed to loose its way. Entertainment is an important feature of any programme but having taken the lead in encouraging amateur groups, TT should have continued to provide a lead in accessible, cheap methodologies.
A higher on-screen profile for Young Archaeologists' Clubs would have been nice too.

There is a desperate need to keep the profile of 'heritage' high on the agenda, especially as the professional archaeology community is decimated by cutbacks. I believe that local community groups have a significant role to play and any support, advice and encouragement that can be given is crucial.
Here in Scotland the RCAHMS did a wonderful job with the Scotland's Rural Past Project.
That new Alice Roberts prog last night was spoilt by the rather annoying presentational style, all her previous stuff has been perfectly good without all the razzamataz?
It is what I thought... this was cutting edge... real stuff.. but the running backwards and forwards we have only got a few seconds to save the world style was annoying...

Will they get the model done... yes!!! yes of course they will cos it is standing right there!!!

the speech bit got me chuckling most of all as expert no 1 was hurled off the platform to allow expert no2 to press a button and make a computer go A O Eeeeeeeee

top! and then get told... actualy we don't have a scooby... quick quick next... get a man to stab a mattress..WHY>? . to find out if... oh hang on... they already know... FFS. er... scraping skins... do you know how many pairs of trousers a Neanderthal wears? .. shut up... move... on... quickly... do the presenters have Neanderthal DNA... YES!!! we cry... we all do
well that's amazing... they have Neanderthal DNA...

finish it off with a bloke a beard an a small tadger... job done!

Can't wait for tonight!
Quote:finish it off with a bloke a beard an a small tadger... job done!

What's a 'tadger' Bajr?
the tadger was the thingy pointing at the feet of the red beasty which showed, by dint of lack of toe splay, that the ginger wore tight fitting shoes. What will they find out next.
Reason: your past is my past
I thought the guy interviewed on breakfast TV this morning could have taken a bit more care with his appearance. Denim shirts do not look good on anyone other than members of Status Quo and look especially bad on the over 50s (that includes members of Status Quo). Just another example of TV patronising archaeological research and researchers pandering to the stereotype. Wonder why Time Team has been taken off? Its cos all of that beard, weird and badly dressed has long ago passed its sell by date on TV.....I think I agree with John that there is scope for a programme about community archaeology (or more correctly communities and archaeology), but I am not sure that repeating the Time Team style and format will work anymore.....anyone have any fresh ideas for putting excitement back into the subject?
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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