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Wanted-Archaeologists to inspire the next generation!
I`m aiming to introduce school students to the big world around them and the opportunities it offers. I would like to ask all heritage professionals of all flavours a bit of a favour.....

I`m hoping to pin photos of professional people doing their jobs (in the field/labs or whatever) on to an information board for students aged 11 to 16. To add that priceless personal touch, can I please ask you guys to hold up a blackboard/back of a context sheet/whatever (be creative?) saying "hi to Paris House from"... (a Roman villa/ Iron Age house/grave/ laboratory etc)....if you are happy to do so...indulge in shameless marketing (hi to Paris House from Creaky knee archaeology etc).
For those of you who work within the Client Confidentiality need to identify or name Site/unit etc...just a good action shot and "hi to Paris House from Iron Age house etc" would be superb.
I can`t emphasise enough just how inspiring this would be for young people who admire what you all do. Very much appreciated guys-huge thanks in advance. Please send images to :face-approve:
Sounds like a lovely project - will sort you out something next week and have reposted on our facebook page to see if we can reach some extra people :face-approve:
Can`t thank you enough Sir........will have a huge impact on some young people`s lives......thank you!:face-approve:
Absolutely Troll....I am out on site in 2 weeks so expect some photos from Norway as well!!
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
just recently taken up being a rugby coach to under 16s. To go anywhere near these muppets you have to have a crb check.
Reason: your past is my past
Can I send you a cartoon later in the week? Might be on a site. If not it will be me in my grotty little garret . . .
Brilliant! Many thanks guys!:face-approve:
troll Wrote:Can`t thank you enough Sir........will have a huge impact on some young people`s lives......thank you!:face-approve:

Not everyone is male - you and your cheeky gender assumptions
Ladies and Gentlemen.....Can I please take this opportunity to thank those of you who have responded in such a positive way to this really are firing up the imaginations and aspirations of a lot of young people. Thank you! xxx:face-kiss:

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