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professional Drawing Roll
Derwent have created a quality, stylish pencil wrap for carrying and protecting up to 30 pencils and accessories

We have packed it with a selection of pencils, pens and equipment for drawing and illustration with lots of room to add more of your favourite items.

This wrap is a simple yet very practical addition to any archaeologists equipment.

The wrap contains:

Staedlar 2H Mars Lumograph
Staedlar 4H Mars Lumograph
Staedlar 6H Mars Lumograph
Bic Pen (Black)
Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.4mm nib
Sharpie Permanent Marker
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser
Metal Pencil Sharpener
15cm Mini Triangular Scale Ruler

After illustrating and field drawing for 30 years - and this is a perfect starter for a budding draughtsman or illustrator, with lots room to add your own favourite items.

Past Horizons - The trusted supplier of Archaeology Trowels - Archaeology Equipment - Archaeology Tools

This is something we are well proud of. the professional Drawing Roll - everything you need with room for more that you want!
Does it come with a handy lock to stop people pilfering the bits? The only safe pencil is the one behind your ear! Anyone know where to get those hard hats with the pencil clip inside, by the way? Look dead handy, apart from the drawback of being killed by a falling brick or whatever while retrieving the thing....
a drawing roll

. . . hmm, if you buy this will you see a sweet return on your investment.

is it a profiterole?
Quote:Does it come with a handy lock to stop people pilfering the bits?
The Gripped tightly in the hand suffices. and you get to see if anything is missing!

Quote:is it a profiterole?
I prefer to tie my pencils and pens to something big like a table/ chair/ site hut or 4x4

Good for record checking. Not for recording on site.......then its back to a pencil in every pocket.
Have been amused recently in the office by widespread labelling of biros with people's names, even though they're free and there are boxes of the things in the stationary cupboard....does anyone still carve their name into their pencils, or was that just something people did to fill their evenings back in the days when diggers lived in tents??
I just leave teeth marks on mine - nobody steals one of them, bit like a half sucked toffee.
I've got loads like that and I don't chew }Smile
Pencils? Pens? What is this - 'retro' weekend in BAJR land? Looking forward to the day BAJR shop starts offering interchangable data logger covers and Trimble stylii replacements....:face-stir:
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
LOL. The trouble with tech is it changes almost monthly so my 456E MkIII stylus ( which fitted last week ) now becomes an obsolete piece of plastic.

Running a fieldschool up in the hills of Lothians, spending much of our time in the clouds - people saw my pencil roll .... suddenly it all made sense. pencils ( the ultimate all weather writer) 6H for a good hard line. no wiping screens ( my computer spent time in a plastic bag - the rain was so bad) just drawing in the rain. the eco-pen is special too. writing on wet card context sheets. ( and click pen not a cap... which would just get lost Smile )
Retro works ... I will ask Past Horizons about some swirl pattern drawing film and perhaps a chopper barrow ... flared Hi viz will also be available Smile

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