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Free CPD session online
Fear not about filling in those pesky hours of CPDs and PDPs for the IfA PDQ ASAP ETC...

Cartoon Reality comes to the aid again with this
Continuous Professional Development and an edifying educational posting to bring us all closer to the prehistoric past.

"Read on MacDuff and b#ggred if I know"

That 'free CPD' heading is going to prove to be a major disappointment to many . . .
well it is free and er... does have the word CPD in it Smile call it variable advertising
And let's not forget Pavarotti . . .
How could I, still drying out my trainers.....
Pavarotti had a bald spot he hid using burnt cork. Old fashioned - but cunning.
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:Pavarotti had a bald spot he hid using burnt cork. Old fashioned - but cunning.

now thats what i call cpd
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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