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Huzzah for ancient Greece!
Did anyone see the telly programme about the 2,000 year old "computer"? Amazing stuff. Struck me as a bit over-engineered for a function that can be sorted with a pencil though.....
Wow, you do eclipse-prediction as a hobby? Hat off to you :face-approve:

Good to know that a lot of the working out was still done by a classic British 'boffin' in his garage with a selection of metalworking equipment. U catch the prog the same time the night before on Henry VIII's armour? There's a surprising amount of quality TV getting made, can't imagine why, having spent all the money, they're hiding it all on obscure digital channels, both of those would have stood the test on BBC2 or Channel 4
Both are still on the BBC Iplayer and well worth watching. Was intrigued by a throw away comment by the armour presenter that he had his own full set of medieval armour (which had saved his life several times) and had been jousting for over twenty years.
I once met someone who made replicas of medieval armour for re-enactment societies. He had a garden with several dismantled Triumph Heralds and assured me that the thickness of steel used in medieval armour was identical to the thickness of steel used in the Triumph Herald. He cut shapes from the cars bodywork and transformed them into replica litems of armour....Maybe they should make a programme on the wonder of engineering that was the Triumph Herald.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Did he get Holbein to decorate them?

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