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A handbook for new diggers?
I am thinking of compiling a handbook for those starting in archaeology discussing practical questions about excavation, employment law, CPD and job applications, etc.

Two questions for the forum:

what books already exist that cover this area?

what topics should be covered?

I like the BAJR 101 tips ebook but was thinking of something more substantial.
Well there is a thought... I actually already have a list of every single (I hope) aspect of the job.... with --- currently half the concepts (from laying out a trench to Public communication) with what it actually takes to do these things.

\now... if you want we could collaborate on this and produce something really expansive and swish?

There are a couple of other 'guides' will look out these.
What I find is normally lacking from such guides are case studies. Its always more interesting if you can have little pen pictures illustrating how one person approached a subject/problem....just an idea.
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
BAJR -that's a good plan

Kevin -ditto!


The employment market (levels of pay, number of employers, what careers look like)

Finding a job (BAJR, IFA Job Information service, general job sites, applying on spec, networking)

Getting a job (CV and application forms, interviews, researching the employer)

How sites work (site hierarchy, other contractors, finds and environmental, specialists and subcontractors, curators and clients, outrecah and community)

Recording (photography, context records, site notebooks, recording watching briefs and test pits, matrices, preparing an archive)

Tools and safety (how/when to use mattock, spade, shovel, hoe, trowel, leaf, toothbrush, dental pick, major hazards, PPE, how safety is managed)

Employment and welfare (contracts and employment rights, tax, self employment as an option, benefits, pensions)

The archaeological landscape (CBA, unions, IfA and RO, contractors, consultants, planning process, museums, HERs)

CPD and your career (pathways to qualifications/expertise, action plan, opportunities, coaching and mentoring)

Useful books and websites

-- any volunteers to write a section or subsection?

-- any more topics?
Dealing with finds ie finds policies, analysis, deposition of collections and discard policies

The legislative frame work of British archaeology

Understanding Health and safety individual responsibilities and employers responsibilities

A great idea Martin, it would be nice to see all the essentials in one easy to read document, keep it short and simple
Self Employed work ( real and faux )

Skills and job paths ( Survey, Illustration, Finds etc)

we should definately talk Martin... think this is the book that every Student should read. it could be a course book
Martin Locock Wrote:Finding a job (BAJR, IFA Job Information service, general job sites, applying on spec, networking)

Facebook, Twitter etc seem to be taking over as the place where word of jobs gets passed around these days judging by the crew I know - sorry BAJR!

Anyone know what the xxxx the Diggers Tea Party is? - apparently its even spreading onto that

Might be interested (depending on other commitments) in commenting on any draft you manage to produce? - if only cos I've never managed to find time to have a look at updating the 101 tips for diggers like I promised BAJR about 2 years ago! (hadn't forgotten, just never had a chance)
BAJR Wrote:Self Employed work ( real and faux )

Seems to be a lot of contradictory advice/interpretations on that kicking around, even from the powers-that-be, are you going to quote all versions or go for a single 'official' one as per eg. the BAJR or IFA Guidelines?
My feeling on the self-employment (for site work) situation is: employers shouldn't be pushing/requiring it; for diggers it might be a good option depending on the way they work, what else they do etc. But as far a advice, I think the key thing is: if you do go down that path, these are the things you must consider ....
as for books that cover this type of thing, there's Joe Flatman's 'Becoming an Archaeologist: A Guide to Professional Pathways'. Although it looks a bit american in target audience despite the author's origins. ~Plenty of scope for another I'd say. Chiz Harward would be worth talking to as his training handouts on site skills look rather nifty. Wish there was an equivalent in my day. :face-approve:

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