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Job Adverts
Can I make a suggestion? When potential employers advertise on the BAJR website for staff able to write clearly, would they please employ somebody even vaguely literate to write their adverts........Wink
given that most of the reports i come across appear to have been written by one of an infinate number of monkeys, i would suggest that is what one expects when one is paid in peanuts
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Generates more work (and laughs!) for those of us unfortunate enough to have to sort the mess out though Big Grin

I can remember when a proven standard of literacy was a requirement for university entrance, but clearly the basics have gone out the window in the rush to encourage everyone to take the expensive alternative to the unemployment figures

Oxbridge demanded 'Use of English' for instance (do they still?) - piece of p**s to do and got one off sports for the afternoon (and another qualification for zero effort, bit like the AO General paper, what was that in aid of?), wonder how many modern undergrads could pass it without extensive revision......
'Could modern undergrads pass without extensive revision......'

Here in Norway higher education is free (still) and many people stay registered for courses because of the advantages of maintaining student status i.e you don't have to pay back your student loan right away. A couple of years back I was in a pub and heard two guys challenging each other to take their respective exams (Geography and German) as neither had studied the other ones subject at any level. I later found out that the german student who took the geography exam failed (he didn't understand what the term 'Fordism' meant and wrote an essay on river crossings)....the geography student who took german however gained a pass after his exam was cancelled at the last minute and the university gave everyone who had registered, a pass for that part of the course....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
upptiy youoiyfds wnkers
Reason: your past is my past
'Natrel' at the bottom of each section drawing.... Upper Second! (Smelt nice though)
Given that many able people suffer from dyslexia, I hope that universities do not rely on a spelling test in their marking.
Self-evident from the resulting graduates?
Martin Locock Wrote:Given that many able people suffer from dyslexia, I hope that universities do not rely on a spelling test in their marking.
Spell checkers are free and will pick up at least 99% of errors. If someone regularly submits work with poor spelling then they SHOULD be marked down for it -- it's just laziness on their part (assuming it's pointed out and they're made aware of it the first time!), even if they are truly dyslexic.
The mistake those who can spell often make is to think it is lazyness to be unable to spell. It is not, all the spell checkers in the world will not enable a dyslexic person to spell. When you cannot see that the spell checker has put in the wrong word because you brain is telling you it is the right word it is less than helpful to have people telling you you are lazy. I cannot spell, I can read and read very well but I see words as shapes not combinations of letters. I am not dyslexic but have every sympathy for those who are.

People's brains are wired differently and you must be careful on how you judge their written work.

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