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Caption Contest IV (of III)
Well here it is... from these lovely people in the Lake District


on you go then...

My starter...
The evaluation trench would be photoshopped in later.
The new radio controlled ranging rod had a few glitches and got stuck in "crop circle mode"
Trials of the latest rocket-pack stall after passing sheep knocks over launch-gantry
When satnav was required to locate the javelin, they were pretty certain that a new world record had been set.
After the third Site Assistant in a row had dropped the pole and legged it for the pub, the PO was forced to phone for assistance.
When her boss asked her to join the poles on site, ............
She was forced to make detailed notes of the way the ranging rods had been put together the wrong way round...
The Book "Twenty seven lay lines and a portal" was writing its self.


Phenomenology had nothing on this.


Once again, without a JCB or a trowel “The portal does not open when you want it to” is the phenomenon that is most often recorded.


As usual the mess would be sorted out in post ex.


Dino had already written up the Discussion.


Superficially CLASP were getting better at hidding the evidence
Reason: your past is my past
After four days of walking she was damn well going to record something.................
After days of searching, the good news is flashed back to the desperate crew that finally somewhere had been found level enough to set up the portaloo

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