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Magic Pottery Powder
Have you tried the Magic Pottery Powder?

Help I am getting addicted to a weekly dose of MY CARTOON REALITY. Big Grin
Richard Harris (Dumbeldore) was a chronic alcoholic for many years and one day his Doctor brought him into the surgery and said: 'Dick I have something here that will cure your alcoholism with one fell swoop.'
'Brilliant' says Dickie. 'What is it?'
'It's called cocaine!' Said the Doctor with an overly confident grin - and it certainly worked, but not without some unfortunate side effects.
True story (but seeing as Harris told it - it could be total B.S.)
what were the side affects?
Reason: your past is my past
He grew horns and could only talk in a rare dialect of Russian spoken east of Murmansk.
True story.
seemed alright as Dumbeldore

not sure about balsamic it a bit hypy
Reason: your past is my past
He had to wear a pointed hat to hide the horns you know. Try using a better quality balsamic, the sweet stuff used on ice-cream and strawberries.
I have spent most of my life hiding the horns

but what is the sweet stuff- currently into the acetiic acid but I am now getting into the esterfication of ethanol and acetic acid which as pythogorus who was a bugger for the boottle noticed morpologised into Ethyl acetate or pear drops and who knows what they might have contributed to my downfall

yes these are sandles and I do like beans

ps dont think pythogoraeses theorm is a theorum but actualy is a fact everything since is a theoirum but then I am ana theist
Reason: your past is my past
You seem to be drinking gallons of cheap balsamic, next time you go to your local hyperbalsamic(andfreshfruitproduce) store ask for the best stuff they've got, and it can be VERY expensive, then you will see what I mean. And are you talking about Monty Pythogorus?

Also I don't think it's appropriate that we talk food on an archaeology site -I've noticed they're talking about cravats on another thread at the moment - standards have slipped here . . . it all began when they let me join.
Au contraire, Cartoon. As you can tell, we've been entertained by the co(s)mic stylings of Unit for many years now.

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