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Underwater Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunity - Scotland
Under the direction of a doctoral candidate from the University of Edinburgh’s School of History, Classics and Archaeology, volunteer underwater archaeological fieldwork experience is available. The project will involve diving in one (or more, per preference or availability) of five reservoirs* in South Lanarkshire, and the Glendevon Reservoir (Perth and Kinross) to survey archaeological sites that were once terrestrial, but are now submerged by the reservoir waters. Site survey will include the Kirkhope Tower, cairns, burnt mounds and several Mesolithic sites. These sites were previously recorded by the Biggar Archaeology Group before rising water levels made them inaccessible to the Group. As such, the dives will be relatively shallow, maxing out at 20M. Opportunities for further and deeper exploratory survey will take place on the last days of each reservoir dive period.

Methods used will include underwater photography, underwater survey (basic measuring and recording using a grid system), and drawing. Each day will consist of three dive teams (of two divers) making three controlled dives to gather data. Divers will ideally be paired with a person of greater/lesser archaeological diving experience to enhance both efficiency and a positive learning/teaching environment.

Full reservoir block-commitments preferred, but ability to commit to specific dates is welcome.


March 12th and 18th:
Basic introduction and casual meet up (choose one)
March 19-24, 6-days of diving in the Daer Reservoir
March 26-30, 5 days of diving in the Camps Reservoir
April 2-3, 2 days of diving in the Megget Reservoir (shortened due to the Easter holiday)
April 10-13, 4 days of diving in the Megget Reservoir
April 16-21, 6 days of diving in the Talla Reservoir
April 23-28, 6 days of diving in the Fruid Reservoir
April 30-May 4, 5 days of diving in the Glendevon Reservoir (Perth & Kinross)

Compensation Provided: No pay or stipend is available at this time. Limited accommodation may be provided for volunteers travelling a great distance. Lunch^ will be provided, as well as limited transportation (first come, first served). Cylinder refills are provided, as well as cylinders should divers not have an in-date and serviced one.

Volunteer Requirements: Due to strict HSE and University guidelines, divers must be minimally PADI Rescue Diver, or equivalent (with proof of certification). Some experience of underwater archaeology is a plus, but basic skills sets of the Rescue Diver and a passion for learning/archaeology are considered equivalent.

Required Equipment: All necessary cold-water dive gear- 5mm+ Wetsuit or Drysuit, BCD, Regulators, Air Gauges and Compass, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Gloves, Boots, Hood, Dive computer (or tables), Air cylinder (if in-date), One primary torch, one backup torch, Strobe light, Weights

Training provided: Introduction to underwater survey techniques and opportunity to utilize new skills; basic underwater photography of archaeological sites; Recognition and understanding archaeological sites in context; Handbook: Basic introduction to underwater archaeology (also includes information about the sites and project)

Other information: The doctoral candidate is Emily Stammitti, MAIPS, MSc. Emily has been enthusiastically diving for 12 years, and has worked as a dive instructor at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the USA, as well as a reef check diver, special presentations diver, underwater archaeology project manager for the ADA, and independent consultant for the Isle of Gigha. The fieldwork completed in South Lanarkshire comprises the fieldwork component of the doctoral dissertation, and all volunteers’ work will be graciously acknowledged.

*The five reservoirs are: The Daer, Camps, Megget, Talla and Fruid, all located within close proximity to each other in South Lanarkshire
^Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Get in touch with Emily Stammitti here: [/SIZE]

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