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The Archaeological Journal Volume 169 for 2012 Call for Papers
The Archaeological Journal
Volume 169 for 2012
Call for Papers


The Editor of The Archaeological Journal seeks high-quality publications for volume 169 for 2012. The Archaeological Journal is the prestigious peer-reviewed publication of the Royal Archaeological Institute and a premier annual journal dedicated to the archaeology of the British Isles.

Each new volume contains articles reporting the results of original archaeological and architectural survey and fieldwork on sites, monuments and landscapes of all periods in the British Isles as well as archaeological syntheses and overviews of new research. The extensive reviews section of the journal is highly regarded as providing current scholarly assessments of a wide range of publications of interest to the readership.

The journal is widely distributed nationally and internationally. It can be found in most university libraries as well as local and regional libraries. The journal is also mailed out free to all ordinary members of the Royal Archaeological Institute.

Since the foundation of the Royal Archaeological Institute in 1844, 167 volumes of The Archaeological Journal have been published. Volume 168 for 2011 is currently full and in preparation.

Papers are now sought for volume 169 for 2012, due for publication in early 2013. Enquiries and submissions should be directed to:
Professor Howard Williams
Department of History & Archaeology
University of Chester
Parkgate Road
Chester CH1 4BJ

Quote:They have already approached the larger companies, but want to hear from the rest... yes YOU!! WE all do great work out there, and here is an opportunity to take that site - that survey - that architectural record and analysis ... and get it published in this Peer Reviewed Journal
BAJR Wrote:The Editor of The Archaeological Journal seeks high-quality publications

Crap, and I have a ton of mid-range to low quality publications I was looking to publish. Well I guess the search continues for a journal that will take them. :face-crying:

All kidding aside, I am really glad to see they are trying to broaden their horizons and not target the same old group of people. Good job editor
It shows what connections can mean. I contacted him as Past Horizons (that high brow journal) about the Eliseg Project, and through that we coresponded as BAJR, which then led him to ask if BAJR could spread the net wider. So you are quite right, it is good to see an editor who wants more than just Big Boy Archaeology.

ps I must plagiarise your Pineapples Paper.!
yeah we will have to write that first before you can plagiarise it. which reminds me, we need to write that. Apparently pineapple papers don't grow on trees.
Doug Wrote:Apparently pineapple papers don't grow on trees.
Yup they grow in deep dark pits covered in b... s.... Seriously I would love to read a paper on the archaeology of pineapples:face-approve:
I went to a session at the recent TAG conference where 2 gentlemen from a Scottish unit were discussing the archaeology of pineapples....its a very interesting subject (I kid not). I can find a reference if you are interested, Wax....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I wonder who these gentlemen where <lol> and hope they produced the pineapple at the end!
There was a pineapple!! I note that one of the contributors also happens to be a BAJR regular, so will let them out their self if they wish.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Well I will out him- our very own head of BAJR has done an excavation on pineapples, a pinery to be precise.

Paper was presented by Doug (Regional Manager of North America for Connelly Heritage Consultants) and Stu (receltly promoted to Project Officer for Connelly Heritage Consultants and subsequently demoted to digger sum)

Glad you liked it Kevin (sorry I missed your paper, conflicting presentations). Oh and the revel I thought was the best part even if Stu almost gave it away a couple of times be referring to the greenhouse as pinery (pineapple vinery). Luckily, no one knew what that was till we said and after we produced the pineapple

We are publishing a paper on it - looking for Open Access so we will put it up in here when it is done.
It wasn't just me Doug. I was with some Norwegian colleagues who at the post conference ''inquest'' - the pub - gave that session and your paper the 'best of conference' award....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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