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MODEL KIT(Archaeologist)

Conor McHale

he is the man! I love his Cartoon Blog...


This episode MODEL KIT(Archaeologist)
Fantastic, does pasthorizons sell them?
Grin......with respect to the discussions of RO, IFA, etc. etc........................I like part 15 'excavation license'
Does Past Horizons sell em..

Already got one... Smile me.

though I lost the beard
Scarily I'm pretty certain I worked with the model for the head years back, but then maybe not, don't recall any of that guy's bits being detachable.

No decal sheet with this? Or those small pots of paint?

....and I've just lacerated myself on a sheet of permatrace typing that, blood everywhere - don't ask..... :face-crying:
Hello BAJR many thanks for putting that one up, have taken a bucketload of hits on the site. Stand back while I give a grovelling bow.
CARTOON REALITY Wrote:Hello BAJR many thanks for putting that one up, have taken a bucketload of hits on the site. Stand back while I give a grovelling bow.

i would have told you how much i was enjoying your blog if it was easy to do it
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
Yes, very few people generally seem to leave comments even tho the hit rate seems quite high. I don't really understand the whole blog thing - just fell into it. Apparently there's a lot of discussion about it on facebook (generally among all the people I take the mickey out of) but I'm not on facebook so I haven't a clue what's being said. It's just me in splendid isolation - bit like being the Pope I imagine, but without the added attraction of all those nuns.
PS - Dinosaur: the decal sheet was a clever idea -wish I'd thought of that one.
Mmmmmm Nuns!!

Well all I can say is that people should make it a standard stop -

Archaeology raw in tooth and grin.

Lets see what extra hits the BAJR Empire can send... bwahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaha ha ha
ar yes... what I meant to say, was I will make a few more links elsewhere.

Smile Keep making me smile. :face-approve:

and Dino... you have been told not to play with sharp things
just to convince people of the twisted genius - no 5 in the hat typology discussion



I am practical. I am resilient. I am a whore of the building industry (and therefore unemployed.)


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