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Ryszard Bartkowiak images of excavation teams - 70s and 80s
Enough said.... certainly took me back to a golden age Smile

It is funny how evocative these group shots are... and actually that is what we used to do for every site. the group shot. Not so common now?

These excellent photos were all taken by Ryszard Bartkowiak, who recently gave permission to publish them. Rysz spent much of his time at the Museum of London and there are a couple from then but the majority are from his time at York Archaeological Trust in the 1970s and with the Central Excavation Unit in the early 1980s.

The link doesn't seem to work, has it been removed? Ryz took plenty of group shots while working with MOLAS. Are they up on the facebook page too? I especially liked the one where he set his camera so that he appeared as a force-of-nature blur entering the frame at the very last split-second. Hope you are ok whatever you're up to, Ryz! No other comments....?
How about a Bajr ' Hall of Fame-photos of archaeologists-past and present?
Great Pictures anymore from MOLAS ryzard?
Andrew Hoaen Wrote:Great Pictures anymore from MOLAS ryzard?

Last I heard Ryz was still in London but working for PCA....I saw some FB photo evidence of his continuing existence taken at a birthday party a couple of weeks back....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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