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under the radar
...on the jobs section. Just spotted this in the Cotswold PM advert:

'A full clean driving licence and membership of the IFA are essential.'
fancy asking for a full driving licence - whatever next?}Smile
They never ask for clean IFA membership

May god go with you in all the dark places you must walk.
'membership of the IFA ESSENTIAL'

Is that legal in a job advert?
under what law might it be illegal?
I'm sure there is legislation to prevent employers and trade unions from operating a closed shop.
fraid not there Sparky.

You can only disciminate against Age, Sex, Race and membership/non-membership of a trade union.

However Although I support the IFA, I do feel that this does discriminate against those who are (through their own choise.. after all its not compulsory yet) not in the IFA. Therefore, to apply to this advert, one must decide whether or not you are forced to join against your will in order to apply..?

Had a talk with ACAS about this... :face-huh:

I can understand the car (as a proportion of the job will involve moving around... and walking, although eco friendly , does not cut it...) The IFA membership however should be Desirable (or will be encouraged to join ) but not a bar on applications... which limits the number of those who can apply.

Still to hear back about Trainees... so watch the space

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I am not convinced ACAS are right.

membership of the IFA that is full corporate membership can be regarded as a qualification in archaeological management and thus it is legitimate to say that it is essiential.


Surely you don't have to have managed anything to be a PIFA. Or possibly AIFA. I suppose they mean that MIFA only need apply.

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