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World Diggers Day ? A Grand Day Out has started.
World Diggers Day ? A Grand Day Out has started.

The point? We wanted to set you all a challenge.

Who can put the World Diggers Day logo in the best/ most imaginative place at their work, digs or any where else?

Going to London for the Royal wedding, working at Stonehenge, visiting a World Heritage Site?? Whip it out! (the logo that is, we don?t want to get any one arrested).

To take part click on the link bellow and follow the five simple rules;

1) Print out the logo.
2) Take it to a location you think would be interesting (heritage retailed).
3) Take a photo.
4) Post your photo on the event.
5) Upload as many Photos as you want
(Inappropriate images will be removed).

Facebook event.

The person that produces the best image that make us laugh or impress us the most will revive a World Diggers Day goody bag including a t-shirt and mug, with more prizes to follow.

A few examples will follow over the next week.

Past Horizons have also very kindly offered to donate the following fantastic prizes into the pot. A huge thank you to them, its all starting to look a bit tasty!
First Prize:
A Trowel and a Sighting Compass with Clinometer
Second Prize:
A Trowel and a Arrow Baseplate Compass

Third Prize:
A Trowel and a Konus Pocket Compass
Quote:[SIZE=3]Is this a trowel which I see before me,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.
I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible
To feeling as to sight? or art thou but
A trowel of the mind, a false creation,
Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?
I see thee yet, in form as palpable
As this which now I draw.
Thou WHS'st me the way that I was going;
And such an instrument I was to use.
Mine eyes are made the fools o' the other senses,
Or else worth all the rest; I see thee still,
And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood,
Which was not so before. There's no such thing:
It is the bloody business which informs
Thus to mine eyes. Now o'er the one halfworld
Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse
The curtain'd sleep; witchcraft celebrates
Pale Hecate's offerings, and wither'd murder,
Alarum'd by his sentinel, the wolf,
Whose howl's his watch, thus with his stealthy pace.
With Tarquin's ravishing strides, towards his design
Moves like a ghost. Thou sure and firm-set earth,
Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear
Thy very stones prate of my whereabout,
And take the present horror from the time,
Which now suits with it. Whiles I threat, he lives:
Words to the heat of deeds too cold breath gives.

No, its something that you plant bulbs with,
now go away, he is not the messiah

Copyright Marlow
Reason: your past is my past
Have said before. Have asked again. But ... go on... be positive for once.:face-kiss:
the logo is now exactly like a trowel... so now thats out the way... can we get some photos up.. some amazing prizes!


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