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Alarm Bells...Proposed New TV Programme
Anyone else seen this???
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other; body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming "WOO HOO, what a ride!
Hmm, I couldn't possibly speculate. I do know that a PAS officer on a recent metal detecting rally was followed around by a camera crew from the Beeb. Perhaps she might offer to provide some detail. She's been approached to do a "program" before. Could have been Britain's Next Top (less) FLO Model...
Sounds like a spoof to me.. They are always trying to wind up Paul Barford.
After reading what he wrote, I'm not suprised! I did cringe...
Someone in the PAS in the BM itself told me that when this proposal came to them they tore it up and binned it immediately. They are still working with Digging for Britain or whatever it is called.
Thats right Mad.. the 360 production company... have talked with them as well.

The idea that the PAS would carry out an Antiques Roadshow style TV prog is so bad, it is almost good! is it April 1st (I wish it was)
Digging for Britain rings a bell, I think the program involves a site near Wantage, where a "Saxon princess" was unearthed in Sept 2009. I'm fairly sure the filming was during the most recent metal detecting rally. I made mention of the site ages ago here on the forum. Should be broadcast as part of the Digging for Britain 2011.
Hey! I've been Barfordised - you know, report something to the assembled innocently and with good intent and then feel Paul's wrath for getting it, allegedly, wrong. Yay!!!!

Does anyone know what he means? Something about an email the FLOs received on 10/12/10 12:56. I am scared of writing on his comments section of his blog asking for more detail - he might be horrid to me! Seriously, just as I haven't got time to look into the detail of his post, I really haven't got time to lock horns with Paul.
You know when you've been Barforded. Join the growing club

I had to check... and good grief, your update has been updated! It is like a hollow echo.

I have to check that you have checked the facts that the checking has been updated, so that the checked update can be checked. I think...

oh.. and British Archaeologists are slow witted non checkers.

I better check that... but I can't be bothered

ps... if a kind FLO would please send me a fake email confirming the following from Paul

Quote:1) Is it true that the PAS staff are now being called "Treasure Liaison Officers"? Is this really what the TV company thinks after two high-level meetings with PAS outreach staff?

2) Is it true that the PAS are negotiating with a TV company the making of a programme conforming to the well-known format of the Antiques Roadshow type, in which the presenter will follow the Liaison Officers "as they answer calls from people who think they might have found something worth a fortune", from house visits to finds days when the "queues of hopeful prospectors curve around the block" with the magical moments of each episode leading to the question "and how much is it worth"? Is this really what the TV company think the PAS is about after thirteen years of PAS outreach to the general public and an executive's meetings with the Scheme's outreach staff?

3) Is it true that the programme will accompany "hopeful prospectors" as they learn their find is worthless [closeup of crestfallen expression, sad background music] or the cultural and monetary value to Britain and how the payment for a treasure find has "changed the lives of individuals"? Is this really what the TV company think the PAS is about after two meetings with its outreach staff?

4) Is it true that the programme will be portraying the British Museum as setting up 'Treasure rallies' (sic) across the country targeting specific areas as part of their archaeological outreach in which "hundreds of members of the public will comb a set of fields searching for Treasure and artefacts" which will be continuing the previous high success rate of the rallies they have organized so far? Is this really what the TV company think the PAS is about after its meetings with its outreach staff?

5) Is it true that part of the project would be to organize road shows which would be "advertising rallies and providing information on how to search for Treasure"? Is this really what the TV company think the PAS is about after its meetings with its outreach staff?
Good grief! I just checked what you just checked, BAJR, to check if what I said was right - cos I might not have checked it properly. Apparently I failed to confirm that someone wasn't lying to me. Now, I think I have had about 50 snippets of information from my, mostly, family today. I will have to sign off now to go and check that everything they said was the truth - the last item was 'do you want a cup of coffee Dad?'. Now, I had better check. Do I really? Or am I being greedy? Perhaps I am addicted to caffeine, so my need is an obsession. Perhaps I said yes because it is a habit and I just didn't think about it properly. Dammit. Paul has a point. I really mustn;t assume that what I hear is what it amounts to be...

Be warned BAJRites. Everything you say next year will have to be supported with complete references and citations or I am just not going to believe you and will have to check it myself. Oh grief - I read a newspaper this morning - I had better get started contacting all the journos to give me their sources. I see that satisfying Paul is going to take some effort. I had better get on with it...

In the meantime, HAPPY CHRISTMAS all you wonderful people. 2011 is going to be tough but let's hold it together in a place like this and support each other the best we can, and maybe this time next year we can reconvene and take stock. In another thread, Kevin sent thanks to David and Maggie. I second that here.

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