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Canadian Archaeologist dies in Trench Collapse
MONTREAL - An archaeologist who was injured while participating working on an excavation in Old Montreal earlier this week has died.

The Quebec coroner's office confirmed that Mario Bergeron, 55, died in hospital following an accident on the site near the corner of McGill St. and Place d'Youville. The pit where he was working suddenly caved in, burying the researcher up to his mid-section.

Fire crews eventually pulled him out of the pit using a harness, but he had suffered serious injuries to his legs.

Bergeron died later the same day in hospital, said the coroner's office on Friday. An autopsy will be performed on the body to help determine the exact cause of death.

Bergeron and the rest of his teams had been working to unearth the remains of the first permanent parliament of the United Province of Canada. The building was home to Canada's parliament from 1844 until 1849, when it was burned down by rioters.

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Update on this sad case. our thoughts go to the family and also to the colleagues who must be traumatised. the supports sound like they were not adequate for the job.

MONTREAL - Quebec’s workplace health and safety board is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death Wednesday of an archaeologist injured while working at an excavation site in Old Montreal.
The provincial coroner’s office confirmed that Mario Bergeron, 55, died in a hospital after an accident on the site near the corner of McGill St. and Place d’Youville. The pit where he was working suddenly caved in, burying the researcher to his mid-section.
Fire crew seventually used a harness to pull him out of the pit, but he had suffered severe injuries to his legs.
Bergeron died later that day in a hospital, an official with the coroner’s office said yesterday.
“From what we have learned so far, he was searching for things in a hole that was about 15 feet deep,” said Eric Arseneault, a spokesperson for the Commission de la sant? et de la s?curit? du travail du Qu?bec.
“At one point, he was trying to get out of the hole and he somehow removed a (support beam) that was shoring up the walls of the hole. Then the walls collapsed and that’s how he got buried.”

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a shocking video, which horribly highlights the need for safe working. I continue to think of this poor man and hope that we don't have to see a report like this in the UK.

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