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Spending Review
So the time has nearly come...

servicable ships dumped - new ones withoput planes - our military flexibility gaurenteed by the nuclear dinosaur....

all hospitals to pushed towards privatisation...(that worked didn't it?)

more money for 'education', but less for educators ... a fire sale of life-long cultural opportunities and assets...

dilution dilution dilution

let the financiers/bankers/gamblers carry on, following the same economic dead ends - - blame the public sector for its wastefulness -- turn the people on each other

diversion diversion diversion.

ooo the debt left by the previous blah blah blah


do you care about your school? - your archives? - your outreach and adult education? - your collections? - your museums? --- well perhaps you would volunteer to run them


here it comes - 80 billion goes


i hope all archs in the 'real' commercial sector realise what is about to be lost - undoubtedly too late...

- i hope ALL CITIZENS stand up to fight this attack on the slowly gained victories of Decent and Humane Society.

I hope this a spark, and the fuel dry enough
Unfortunately this is Britain, not France. Everyone will do nothing and just watch it all disappear.

We're screwed. After English commercial archaeology collapses you won't even be able to sneak off to academia, cause that will have gone too.

Hurrah! Vote Conservative.....
(subsidised) English commercial archaeology collapses.


I suspect that my taxes will still be ring fenced to pay their pensions for holes they dug twenty years ago.
Reason: your past is my past
well so it should be - tehy earned it digging that hole!
"I suspect that my taxes will still be ring fenced to pay their pensions for holes they dug twenty years ago"

I suspect that even the likes of yourself (Mr Unit) will be affected by these cuts... not just the EH or Curator Johnies you so clearly despise. Hey maybe even people close to yourself may get made redundant
Let's hope your state pension and the national health service has been ring fenced as well, though you wont be able to touch it until you are 66 and by then who knows they might have brought the work house back. Now there's a money saving idea work the poor to death for no salary.}Smile

EH facing 32%
Quote:Unfortunately this is Britain, not France.
How true... I truely fear for archaeology - and how much money will be saved? Not a lot! Hands Off ! :0
Biggest direct impact on the commercial arch sector, at least in the short term, is surely the cutting of the funding for social housing projects? - they have after all accounted for half of what there's been of house building over the last year......that's a lot less fieldwork..... :0
...oh, and of course taking longer to get a response from your local HER.....
The only good thing i've heard out of all this doom and gloom are the amount of road and house building schemes that have now been given the green light.

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