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Wessex and Cotswold to merge - it's official.
Well well well... thanks for that heads up Greyfriar.

here is the story

Quote:Wessex Archaeology and Cotswold Archaeology announced today that they are in discussion about merging. The two companies who are market leaders in the sector will come together to offer clients what Sue Davies the Chief Executive Officer of Wessex Archaeology described as ‘the most complete and widest range of heritage services in Britain.’
The two organisations, both of which are charities, will be undertaking a process of due diligence over the coming months and anticipate announcing the result of that in the autumn.
Neil Holbrook, the CEO of Cotswold Archaeology said ‘the merger will create an organisation with 300 staff based in 5 offices across the UK. We will be able to meet the increasing demand for a nationwide service that is both comprehensive and competitive.’
Exciting times ahead, perhaps?

so it turns out that in a down turn there is "an increasing demand for a nationwide service that is both comprehensive and competitive" (charity). any body out there heard of this increasing demand?
I know for a fact that Wessex are busier than they've been in years - for now at least the 'downturn' is in full reversal, at least on the construction front. The 'Heritage Statement' and DBA are becoming more sought after in advance of planning since the introduction of PPS5. Archaeoelogical work, both desk based and in the field, is increasingly sourced through national and international environmental consultancies, hence the demand for nationwide services...the big consultancies tend to stick with the devil they know and the bigger set-up with multiple offices nationwide is best placed to accommodate them.
Judging by both companies recent policy of not providing any accommodation on the majority of their jobs, I can see this merger having a negative impact on the profession. One which may push still more experienced field archaeologists out of commercial archaeology!
Not providing accommodation on the majority of jobs? Rumour or fact? Wessex for one has a full time member of staff whose almost exclusive job it is to provide accommodation for away jobs! Don't know about Cotswold but I'm told they also accommodate for jobs distant from their offices.
I though wessex got out of jail because they found some unpaid debt?
Thank you Greyfriars for all these comments. I personally feel there starts to be more options for... a) permanent positions b) better training opportunities c) career advancement d) and yes.. pensions and opportunities to have a mortgage!
That's probably hit the nail on the head. The bigger the company, the more apparent their obligations to their staff through employment legislation. I personally think it's the shape of things to come.

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