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New Henge and/or timber circle at Stonehenge

This was also on the news this morning, looks pretty exciting, although I'm not sure I can see the henge referred to in the text, only a pit/timber circle.
I'm not sure I'd be calling it 'the first major ceremonial monument to have been found in the last 50 years', when Bluehenge was found about two years ago...
Good geophysics though.
Think the timber monument at Marne Barracks, Catterick might count as 'major' too, eerm, and the nearby henges, and all those cursuses that keep showing up everywhere........should we compile a list and send it back to them?
....actually, wasn't the geophysics of Stanton Drew meant to be the major Neolithic discovery of the age?......clearer geophys too....
Not to mention the palisaded enclosures between Silbury Hill and Avebury...
From experience of colleagues doing these things, the journalist always misquotes things, and massively exaggerates the site. I like the sound of large scale geophysics in the world heritage site though. I've even heard rumours that Google Earth is planning to launch a 'sub-earth' layer, showing geophysics plots as a layer.
Had forgotten them! Geophys layer on Google would almost make up for the (possible) loss of MAGIC and the Old Maps website being rendered pretty much unuseable Smile
I'd guess that the comment about the 'the first major ceremonial monument to have been found in the last 50 years' might have been taken out of context - probably meant within the Stonehenge envelope. I'm sure that those involved wouldn't have overlooked the major ceremonial complex recently found at Catholme, especially as some of the same people were involved, to an extent, with that too!
Does adding around 4km of previously unsuspected palisade trench (not including re-cuts) to a known site count? (2008 but ongoing project) - if so, I'm in :face-approve:
Do you think that nowadays the stone version of Stonehenge would never have been built due to its visual impact on the wooden version?

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