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Hello, everyone
Hi, the two names I can give you for castles in Ireland are Dr. Kieran O'Conor and Dr. Rory Sherlock both in NUIG, they will have all the info you need plus both have written books, O'Conor on medieval and Sherlock on late medieval- mainly towerhouses.
Which definition of 'Medieval' are people using here?

- when I was a kid it was 1066-1485, with Dark Ages before and Tudors after, bracketed by some nice easy battles

- more recently it seems anything after AD 410 has become 'Early Medieval' and the Tudor bit now seems to be part of the middle ages but without any specified end date (are medievalists taking over?)

- I'm currently looking at a Med pot report that has:- Anglo-Scandinavian (late 9th to mid 11th), Saxo-Norman (11th to early/mid 13th), Early Medieval (mid 12th to mid 13th), Medieval (13th to 15th) and post-Medieval (16th-18th)

What the h**ls going on? Sad!

Oh, as one of my colleagues has pointed out, ignore the capital M's, since medieval doesn't have one except at the start of a sentence.......:face-approve:
I shall GOOGLE these two gentlemen, and see what I can find. It would be great if they read this and made contact. Heres hoping.
Dinasaur. I dont have any particular period for "Castles". If it's called a "castle" i'll include it in the book.
Thanks gang for your continuing support.
Regards Steffan:face-approve:

form of fortified drink
Dinosaur - I'm afraid you probably have the finds specialists, notably those of us who deal with potyery to blame. As chronologies got developed for pottery many historic events were found to be a little to arbitary in defining periods, hence the Saxo-Norman category etc. Personally I include the Saxons and Tudors in the medieval period, so the medieval period fills the gap between the Roman withdrawl from Britain to the Reformation, but if were honest even these limits are poorly defined in the archaeological record (with the exception of monastic destruction). Don't get me sttarted on the Romano-Britons in the early 5th century AD. Sorry for the deviation, viva la continuum
Feel free to start into the 5th-6th century, my hobby project is finding all the missing generations, although it would help, after I've gone to all the effort of finding good candidates, if developers would be more flexible in catering to my whims and actually paying for all the C14 dates I keep recommending. Certainly in Northern England lines of 'Roman' or undated inhumations (crouched or extended) running parallel to boundaries seem to be an interesting target for C14, if anyone's reading who is PX-ing any sites like that at the moment.....

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