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Heritage Lottery Fund invests ?17m in skills
Today, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has announced an investment of ?17m ? treble the amount it originally set aside - in 54 projects under its Skills for the Future programme?. This money will deliver 808 placements and adds-up to an impressive 780 years? worth of paid training opportunities for people across the UK seeking a career in heritage. It will not only support traditional conservation training but also a wide variety of more contemporary skills, such as managing volunteers and using social media to get people involved in heritage, that will help reinvigorate and broaden the appeal of the heritage industry to job-seekers.

Peter Wardle
Some hope for recently qualified out of work archaeologists, such as myself then.
well... here is a place to look for archaeology ones...

Quote:The Council for British Archaeology has been awarded a grant of ?604,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards a new project providing bursary funded training for community archaeologists across the UK. The project will run for three years and will deliver 27 (9 per year) funded places across England, Scotland and Wales. These are aimed at providing on-the-job training bursaries for individuals to increase their skills and knowledge of working with communities and volunteers.
The bursary places will be aimed at individuals from any background who have gathered and can demonstrate sound archaeological knowledge and experience and who wish to go on to pursue a career in archaeology specifically in the area of developing communities and volunteers.

for the full report.

Can I have some money to distribute please Wink
sorry to rain on the parade but this is not all for the heritage sector

not again
BRoad brush it is heritage...ish...

Though only ?604,000 is for community archaeology... which works out at 23,700 for each bursary placement. I may go for one myself.! I need training in dealing with heritage stakeholders
the papers a few months ago said that it was for the both the heritage sector and the environment

last time i looked, a very large protest in london was asking for a million green jobs as part of the carbon focus


but lets not imagine that this means that this is going to be evenly shared out given the environment as our competion for the money

it is postive but not by ?14million

not again
Approximately 150 placements are for natural heritage and 658 for proper heritage and that equates to just under an extra 14 million for Heritage from the lottery.

This is on top of 7 million for the replair of places of worship announced last month. Come on David over half a million on community archaeology. Not bad at all I would say given we are about to go through a very severe round of public sector cuts in funding.

oh.. I am very very happy to see this.. especially the ammount of money. So yes I is is happy... for heritage in general and for community in particular. So yes I am happy... Big Grin
At last! I am also very happy with this news. But...I'm worried that the demographic for recruits will be narrow. If the placements are not spread wide enough only those with the ability and/or money to move to a new location nearby will benefit i.e. the young (bank of Mum & Dad) or the better off (not the majority in archaeology!). If CA is to thrive a wide demographic must be achieved to work with the public of all ages and backgrounds. As I have said elsewhere I would love to have some real training in CA rather than have to rely on my past experience and wing it for the rest of the time (as I had to in the field for the first few years). I just have to hope that one of the placements is near me as I am tied to my location (can't afford to move even if I wanted to). I'm sure this is the case for many.
My question, which I hope Suzie could help answer, is who is teaching? I can think of some places where a placement makes sense... but for example, the specific needs of community archaeology are only now really becoming apparent, and you for example probably are as qualified as others to train new baby comarchs.... I agree about the demographic, and will look at the distribution... as the need is to give people chances not give more chances to those who already have choices. if that makes sense :face-confused:

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