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My word, is the far right really that thick?
Don't be sorry... be aware of how some people are trying to use archaeology for their own ends...
explain amiable... you seem to be suggesting this is in some way having an agenda.? If you would care to explain to me in an email I would be happy to discuss it... and if possible it can be conducted on the forum...
I did not find a bit where the Palestinian project is attempting to bolster its aims and prove anything about indigenous peoples.. if you could point it out then I would agree with you.

You are making assumptions and deciding in advance the purpose and end result. which is not very archaeological of you Wink

The BNP have made clear and obvious use of spurious and false 'facts' to bolster the claim. This project (and I hope you have read what it is actually about) is about sharing and training for kids and students in Palestine. Also lauded is a project in Israel called saving the stones - perhaps that should be scrutinised too... and found to be an evil plot to pervert and twist archaeology for political means.

All archaeology there is used for political ends. -- hmm... as a person who works / worked regularly in that region - that is a sweeping statement that shows once again a level of assumption that I don't expect from the good Drudge. Basicly... in a nutshell... I laud projects that have at their heart a good cause that benefits and supports... I deride something that is designed to refute all the ideas that makes us archaeologists... and to use it for devisive and negative reasons.

Have a read of the Palestinian Project and tell me what Emma is trying to do. ? :face-kiss:
The BNP site says nothing about space aliens,

Years ago i did a Ufology evening class if anyone needs an expert to back up there spaced based theories please get intouch so then you can say you have talked to an expert of course you can't use my name
Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.
Well I've just read through the drivel and I'm being restrained in only calling it that! I left a few choice comments but don't expect it will be posted as when I submitted them I was informed that all posts have to be approved before being put on public display! Convenient that. In reply to the question posed by the thread yes the BNP are that thick, but they are crafty!!!
I should also say I did my undergraduate thesis on this very phenomenon and can say with a degree of certainty that the BNP using archaeology to justify its position is not a new one!
Pretty sure we could cite cases of every country / politcal party / religious group using archaeology to prove their point..

archaeology proves nothing really... hmmm interesting title for a new thread methinks!

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