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To progress with the charter, we need to have clear aims, to create principals and articles in a version which should be a living document. The Charter will be presented in a number of discreet sections:

1) Short term benefits of joint union action and membership and how increased unionisation will give workers a collective voice in addressing issues such as;

Terms and conditions, pay, hours, overtime, pensions, holidays, self employment.

Accommodation, Drivers allowance, PPE provision

Maternity/paternity leave and other equality issues

2) Medium Term Issues which can be supported with a larger unionised workforce;

Fair and accessible shared representation for field staff on temporary contracts

The need for effective negotiations with employers, ie a proper national structure within which negotiations can take place.

Training and career progression.

3) Problems in the industry as a whole and a strategy for tackling this in the longer term involving all employees

The position of many commercial units, where there is a will to improve terms and conditions and how this may be frustrated by other issues.

Impact of standards in archaeology, how a national heritage resource can be utilised to benefit company, workers and public as well as the client

There will probably be other areas that can be added to the eight points outlined above and indeed the points themselves can also be expanded on. It is important though that the charter is essentially an agitational tool rather than a detailed critique of the state of the industry. The first distribution to workers in the industry will be concerned with field workers rights, however, this can later be expanded. Print this out, talk about it and if possible join in the discussion here . The initial discussion should revolve around what is good for us all, contractor, client, and fieldstaff of all types. Consider the benefits of union membership, whether UNITE, PROSPECT or UNISON ? it is all about numbers and working together.

Working Party for Unionisation in British Archaeology
Working for a future for us all

Email : if you wish to make comment or join the mailing list

Print out the attachment and distribute.. get it up in site huts... get people talking and acting

Printed out and pinned up on the office noticeboard

Any other offices/site huts got the new wallpaper yet?
just to say I have just rejoined the union. It's time to stop complaining and take action and the best way i can see is to try and change things from the inside. A few quid a month is a small price to pay if it means we have a united voice and then the units will have to listen. C'mon guys lets put our money where our moans are and do something!
that the way... come on... lets see some support instead of mute shrugs
absolutely !! lets all make an effort on this one !!! question: which would be the best union to join ??
Does the unit you work for have any union representation already? If yes prob best to go for that but if no or on short contract is worth scrolling through the old union posting discussions on bajr and the different websites and seeing which appeals the most. Bajr needs to be neutral and in essence as all are working together it wont make a difference as long as you join one
As David says, mute shrugs.
Don't fool ourselves, this is going to be very hard work, the majority of the people we'll be trying to convince are from a post Thatcherite genereation who have no concept of what benefits and protection union membership gives the individual.
Ken Denham Wrote:......... the majority of the people we'll be trying to convince are from a post Thatcherite genereation who have no concept of what benefits and protection union membership gives the individual.

Yep, that describes me. Never been in a union. Never seen a union do anything positive except disrupt services, threaten contracts through industrial action, cause incitement to riot. (being devils advocate }Smile)

I'm aware of the theory....
'listen to our fair demands and negotiate better pay/conditions etc. or we walk out...'

However, I'm not sure how this will work in archaeology.

For example, what about self-employed staff working on a pipeline who are members of a larger Union. That union goes out on strike over an issue in another industry. Doe sthe archaeologist then have to go out on strike? Wont they be breaking the conditions of their contract for services (or is it of services?!?)

Also how could archaeologists, temporary, permenant, self- or employed effect the competertive tendering process, as its the client, not the archaeological employer that decides acceptable costs, and hence the possible range of wages.

I'm guessing I'm naiive about unions.....someone enlighten me please
hey jack... think you have to learn more about unions... the answer to your question is no. so it looks like we will have to start with basics of unions and what unions do. so thanks for showing us the thoughts. self employed archaeologists will also recieve protectio from any dubious employment practice. there are real issues of misunderstanding. go look at what the unions do, rather than the perception. as to developers setting costs... well its supply and demand. and no... not cartel. its worth doing. but we will look at education as well. as there is obviously a problem in understanding
I know, where can one get un-biased (if thats possible) info on how an unspecific union operates, powers and legalities etc? I was gonna start with the employment law.........

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