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Neolithic Duck hanging/smoking racks?
Hi, does anyone know of any sites where they have discovered Neolithic Duck hanging/smoking racks? Or does anyone know of any ethnographical examples?


What did the ducks do to deserve capital punishment? :p
there are lots of examples of such smoking racks - open air structures based around...guess what?...a small collection of short lived stake/post holes...therefore hard to 'prove'...or even infer...personally i think some mesolithic Severn Estuary may be along these lines...
...and of course there are plenty of (ethnographic) non-kippering examples dating from more recent times in the north and west of Scandinavia where meat and fish are/were hung to wind dry. As always give me a minute of two and I will find some photographs.....This is a cod drying rack from R?st in Norway. Can also be used for drying nets, not sure I have ever heard of duck drying. This is a small example there are much much bigger (I mean tens of metres long!!) ....GK is right regarding the 'footprint' that such structures might leave in the archaeological record. I have seen arrangements of postholes found on stone age sites which might derive from drying or smoking racks described as 'tents' as 'long houses' as 'animal enclosures' etc etc....

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Problem reminds me of hanging racks being incorporated into standing structures.

Neolithic implies settlement aside form Mr Whittle

The Faroe Isles will be a good starting point for existing structures and photos

not again
Yes capitol punishment for ducks does seem a bit extreme! :o)(no duck symbol so a monkey will do)
Back to the topic:

Well structures as a whole on this site are pretty non-existant, I'm inferring a domestic 'structure' from soil buildup and that hearths are there, as well as find distributions. There are long lines of stake/post holes and 30,000 bird bones! (out weighting the mammal bones!!!)

Do you have any reference to the severn estuary excavations? I know Martin Bell has written on it.

The late neolithic settlement site I'm looking at was dug in the 1980s in the Netherlands ( But it looks like a more hunter/gatherer way of life, extremely interesting.
A neolithic date doesn't mean settlement, neither does a mesolithic date mean nomadic. Also hunter gatherers can be settled and have houses and pottery and farmers can be nomadic.

Don't let such labels as Neolithic or Mesolithic mask the actual evidence
Jack Wrote:Don't let such labels as Neolithic or Mesolithic mask the actual evidence

What, that it's all final terminal late upper Palaeolithic till the Italians turned up (if they got past the pirates)? :p
Could these linear alignments of stake holes / post holes been part of a netting system for wild foul?
By the way, thats one hell of a collection of bird bones. Sounds like a good retrieval policy.

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