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I would like to take the opportunity to apologise to named individuals and companies that were the subject of a recent post on the BAJR Federation Forum. It was unwarranted and incredibly damaging to both the individuals/groups and BAJR. THis is an unreserved apology for what appeared. I am grateful that it was dealt with promptly (as per our terms and conditions)

As a gesture of goodwill, I will be donating a sum to a charity of their choice.

I have not renamed the groups and individuals involved, as this would perhaps negate the purpose of removing the offending posts. However, for those of you that did see the posts, please understand that BAJR will not tolerate this sort of behaviour that results in this action.

I would like to take the opportunity to remind ALL forum members of the following clearly stateed Terms and Conditions in the Acceptable Use Policy section


1. Your rights and responsibilities as a contributor to the BAJR forum

As a contributor you are bound by these T & C.

Posted material
You are solely responsible for what you write. This forum is backed up on a daily basis, and can therefore material can be recovered if libel, slander of defamation of character has occurred. You must therefore think carefully before you write.

* Do Not post content that contains allegations about individuals or companies without first contacting BAJR by personal email. failure to do so will result in the posting being removed.....

BAJR is not responsible for posts placed by members of this forum. They are not necessarily the viewpoint of BAJR. However in cases where defamation, slander or liable is suspected, BAJR will (as soon as it has been detected) remove the offending post as quickly as possible, without personally accepting responsibility for the post itself and will issue a written warning to the member.

A written warning has been sent - and given the damaging and defametory nature of the posts along with a disregard for the BAJR Federation I have now issued a life ban to the offending member.

This is a rare occurrence, due in part to the diligence of moderation, however, it is the light touch that makes BAJR Federation what it is. This is a place for discussion not accusation. I will take any such actions seriously if they happen again.

Enjoy BAJR, DO NOT ABUSE your opportunities that it provides - I work hard to uphold the reputation for robust debate - however, lines can be crossed, so you should consider the possible alternative in which I close the whole site down.

Once again. I apologise for any distress caused, and can assure the parties that were implicated that BAJR took it seriously and acted as swiftly as was possible.

David Connolly
More than fair comment!

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