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Long Days at work with nothing to-do???
If you are getting a little bored at work here are a few ideas to pass the time.
1. Find some old flies (ones that have died themselves - on the window ledge of the site hut or office)

2 Put them in the sunlight to dry out
, about an hour's time.

3 When they are good and dry, you will need paper and pencil, and let your fantasy run away with you.

Here are a few examples
: Prize for anyone who puts up a cracker! (a compass on a caribiner clip...)


[Image: pencil.png]
[ATTACH=CONFIG]399[/ATTACH]Ill have a go soon Cool
and thanks gary for telling me about this! brilliant!... now... some flies!
Got one! Quite hard to do! Certainly passes the time!

If you get really bored you could make some little hi-vis vests and hard hats for them to wear in that one... (It's pretty sad that my mind instantly went to the H&S concerns :I)
NEVER expect competence.
Not sure how to beat the ladies/gents one already Big Grin
I was thinking about PAS leadership along with CBA and English Heritage but think I would get thrown of the forum. :-)
sad... but anyway... here is a revised HSE version, where the PO in the blue helmet is about to fly off the handle because the other two are not wearing theirs!

Excellent! A work of great creativity and a H&S lesson all in one! :p
NEVER expect competence.
The French have a beautiful saying, 'branler les mouches', which roughly translates as not doing work when at work, it's literal translation is, 'wanking the flies'!

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