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Village to close after contributing nothing to local Tesco
A 1000 year old Oxfordshire village is to close after it was deemed not to be economically viable to the local Tesco superstore. Villagers received the news at a tense public consultation meeting last night!

hells teeth!

read on...

to make it worse..
the area where the village stands is turned into a carpark and play area :0
Brilliant.............Big Grin
we're doomed
Am I bad or what??? }Smile
I think it's a nice touch that there going to use the oak tree to make the chippings for the play area...very green...
Inspired and scarily could be very true! Big Grin

I might put it up in the office and see how many people fall for it! }Smile
If you haven't already read George Monbiot's 'Captive State' to see how close to reality such a story could be. It also makes you wonder if you want to be involved in an industry connected to large developments given what goes on, which is cheery!
damn right Red

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