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North Arrows back !
Phew... tell you what, getting these little babies is not easy... !

But we have them back in stock now. You better all rush at once Wink


[SIZE=-1]White flat arrow markers (one labelled "N" for north and one blank). [/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Made of stiff durable plastic.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1] These are ideal for indoor or outdoor photography.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Size is 75mm square.[/SIZE]
Only useful if pointed in the right
Wink I have that covered too... have so far tested 5 compasses.. duff... dufff...dufff... nearly... dufff...

I am looking for a simple cheap version that works.. or of course just buy a Silva.. You should see my desk. piled high with items that look good... but are duff!
North arrows are all well and good, but what about South arrows? Just because we mostly work in the northern hemisphere this minority shouldn't be neglected! lol

On second thoughts a west arrow may be a good investment so you can find all those things which have gone that way, including your duff compasses!
:p Big Grin

Actually I just took a hammer to one of my compasses.. 4 degrees out! bloody hopeless... well I have another batch on the way... one day I will find the cheaper compass that does the best! until then... I better prepare the west arrow! (the blank arrow can of course be used to point anywhere.. even antipodean

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