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The revolution will be telephoned
Am starting to phone everyone who wants to help in the unionisation of archaeology fieldworkers. Smile

The revolution will not be telephoned.. failed so far.... everyone seems to be out and having fun!

However... I will email those with details.

I realise that some are unable to attend.. however.. as a quick announcement...

T&GUnite have given 200 quid, I am putting up 200, and Past Horizons is chipping in 200... so there is 600 quid of cash to help pay for travel expenses to Nottingham on the Saturday 27th February.

I will have more details and will email those who have contacted me already.

This is going to be a joint initiative... no conflict no secret agendas... no need to worry...
the Federation needs you... and what it needs you to do is look at what will be on offer... and decide.. are you in? and if not... why not... what would you want. Now is the time to stop wishing something would change, and starting making things change. I am also asking the Diggers Forum to support this and be supported... IF we work together... put aside any differences and make a small effort... then things will be different...

IF NOT... then when you look back... and ask... what has changed! It will have been dependant on what you did!

Still want to get invovled.. give us an email... with your email and phone number

here is mine:
just as a starter, what are your aspirations?

To be part of an existing union? to set up seperately and affiliate? Just wondering.....
It is supporting the unionisation via whatever union people wish to join through choice. Acting as the communication engine... BAJR Fed is not the Union... it is the conduit.

T&GUnite are already providing support... as am I and Past Horizons. Diggers Forum have been invited. and I hope a Prospect Rep will be able to turn up too. This is using BAJR as a mouthpiece. The Unions are already there. It is getting people to them that is failing.
mean while the self employed look on bemused
I am not bemused... and I am self employed.. Wink

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